Lecturer: Ad Feelders.
Teaching Assistants:

  • Luuk van de Wiel (l [dot] vandewiel [at] students [dot] uu [dot] nl) and
  • Steven Langerwerf (s [dot] t [dot] langerwerf [at] uu [dot] nl).
For lecture rooms, etc. see the course page.


  • [Jan 10] Grades of the retake of the written exam are available here.
    Short answers can be found here.
  • [Nov 30] Final grades are available here. "AANV" means one or more retakes are required.
  • [Nov 22] Grades of the written exam of November 7, 2018 are available here.
    Exam and short answers.
  • [Nov 1] Grades of the first practical assignment are available here.
  • [September 7, 2018] The quoted definition of data mining by Leamer in the slides of the first lecture was taken from the first page of the introduction of the out-of-print 1978 book Specification Searches.
  • [September 3, 2018] Website up to date for academic year 2018/2019.
  • [August 8, 2018] For questions about enrollment, registration, waiting lists, admittance, etc. please contact the student desk at science.gsns@uu.nl.
  • [August 8, 2018] Please note that basic knowledge of probability, statistics and calculus is presupposed. Also, you should be able to write a program, but experience with the R language is not required.
  • [August 8, 2018] The website is not yet updated for academic year 2018/2019.