Computer Vision


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[july 17, 2017] The grades for the re-take exam are online. If you have any questions about the grades, please contact me.
[May 3, 2017] The grades for the final assignment are online (with feedback). In the grading, "orig/diff" refers to the originality and difficulty of your object category, taken into account the context. "test images" refers to the appropriateness of your test images, again from the perspective of your context. "evaluation" indicates how thoroughly you have experimented with parameters, and have motivated your approach. "classification quality" refers to the discussion (NOT the performance) of your results, taken into account your method. So if you perform poorly but can explain why, that's fine. In contrast, if you score really well but have no idea why, that will reduce your grade here. "report" reflects the depth and thoroughness of your report, including your PR curve and a reflection on your work.
The final final grades are also online. If you see a grade in the final column, it means you passed the course. Congratulations! AANV means you did not pass the course (final grade below 5.5, grade for exam/assignments below 4.0). In this case, you can participate in the re-take. If it says NVD, you cannot get a pass grade for the course this year. If you have any questions about the grades, please contact me.
[April 19, 2017] The grades for the exam are online. If you want to review your exam, please send me an email for an appointment on May 1 or May 2.
[April 4, 2017] A practice exam is online.
[March 20, 2017] Grades for assignment 3 are online.
[March 16, 2017] Assignment 4 is online.
[March 7, 2017] Assignment 3 is updated.
[March 2, 2017] Grades for assignment 2 are online.
[February 21, 2017] Grades for assignment 1 are online.
[January 11, 2017] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2016/2017.