Computer Vision


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[April 24, 2018] Grades for the final assignment are also online. If you hae questions about the grading, let me know. This also means that the final grades are in. If the grade of your assignment at least 4, the grade of your exam is at least 4 and your total grade is at least 5.5, you passed the course. Congratulations! If you did not pass the exam, there is a re-take on July 2.
[April 20, 2018] Grades for the exam are online. If you want to view your exam, send me an email.
[April 4, 2018] Another set of example exam questions is available. Note that this is not a representitive exam. The actual exam will have more open questions, more questions that link topics and more questions overall.
[April 3, 2018] Test exams 2014-2015 (Questions 4 and 6 are out of scope) and 2015-2016 (Question 4 is out of scope).
[March 27, 2018] Send me any questions that you would like to be discussed for the Exam Q&A.
[March 13, 2018] Additional assignment help session to get TensorFlow up and running on Thursday March 15, 13:15-15:00 in BBG-0.71.
[March 6, 2018] Assignment 4 is now available.
[February 9, 2018] It is now possible to sign up for Slack with your account via this link.
[January 19, 2018] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2017/2018.