The schedule for the course is shown below. To find out at which times and in which rooms the sessions will be held, take a look at the CS page linked above. Or, even better: use the MyUU app (iOS / Android) or MyTimetable to always have your personal schedule at hand. MyUU and MyTimetable are linked to OSIRIS, so any changes will automatically appear there as well.

Week Date Topic Preparation
46 Monday,
Nov 12
Lecture: Introduction, Path planning
Nov 14
Lecture: Crowd simulation Read papers A+B
47 Monday,
Nov 19
Lecture: UU Crowd simulation software, Tutorial
(+Yiran Zhao)
Bring your laptop, etc:
see Assignment 2
Nov 21
Workshop: Giving presentations, Experimental research

Nov 23, 17:00
Deadline for Assignment 1: Find errors in games
48 Monday,
Nov 26
Game presentations: Part I Assignment 1
Nov 28
Game presentations: Part II
49 Monday,
Dec 3
Project proposal presentations Assignment 2: project approach
Dec 5
Paper presentation: 1 (Tijmen E. and Noud S.)
Paper presentation: 2 (Jelle S. and Max M.)
Read papers 1+2
Write an abstract
50 Monday,
Dec 10
Paper presentation: 3 (Joel M. and Kostas P.)
Paper presentation: 4 (Niels M. and Marijn S.)
Read papers 3+4
Write an abstract
Dec 12
Paper presentation: 5 (Hristo H.)
Paper presentation: 6 (Milan W. and Cas L.)
Read papers 5+6
Write an abstract
51 Monday,
Dec 17
Paper presentation: 7 (Floris S. and Floris de V.)
Paper presentation: 8 (Mark de J. and Joost S.)
Read papers 7+8
Write an abstract
Dec 19
Paper presentation: 9 (Merel M. and William de L.)
Paper presentation: 10 (Guowei L. and Guus de J.)
Read papers 9+10
Write an abstract
52 No classes (Christmas break)
1 No classes (Christmas break)
2 Monday,
Jan 7
Project update presentations Assignment 2: project prototype
Jan 9
Paper presentation: 11 (Swayam S. and Max W.)
Paper presentation: 12 (Caio R.)
Read papers 11+12
Write an abstract
3 Monday,
Jan 14
Paper presentation: 13 (Bjartur H. and Andreas K.)
Paper presentation: 14 (Anja H.)
Read papers 13+14
Write an abstract
Jan 16
Paper presentation: 15 (Nina V.)
Paper presentation: 16 (Hayley D.)
Read papers 15+16
Write an abstract
4 Monday,
Jan 21
Final project and demos presentations for Assignment 2 Assignment 2: Final project presentation
Jan 23
Final project and demos presentations for Assignment 2
5 Friday,
Feb 1, 23:59
Deadline for Assignment 2: Report and other output