Besides a presentation, you should perform a small experimental research project.


  1. Choose a problem to work.
  2. Submit your research proposal to me, no later than noon 2/12.
  3. Discuss & research this topic.
  4. Submit a report. See below.

Research proposal

The aim of this project is to perform an experimental study of the language you have chosen. In your proposal, please use the following format:

  1. Background – what language will you be using? Provide some background about what sets this language apart from other programming languages.

  2. Problem – what experiment do you wish to perform? Typically, you should think of studying how concepts or ideas from one language can be transported to your language of choice:
    • how can we embed a domain specific languages for X in language Y?
    • Or how does language Z handle support metaprogramming/concurrency/…?
  3. Methodology – provide a detailed description of what it is that you would like to write. What are your expected outcomes? What contingency plans can you make if things do not work out?

  4. Planning – how can will you translate the steps you identified in the previous section to a concrete planning? Who will work on what?

Project report

Besides these issues, the final report should also document your results. Some of the text from your research proposal can probably be reused. I’d suggest the following format:

  1. Problem – what experiment have you performed? Give some background on the language you’ve used and academic context of the problem you have tackled.

  2. Methodology – What outcomes did you expect in your proposal? How did you plan your project?

  3. Results – What have you managed to achieve? How did you need to adjust your original problem and planning?

  4. Reflection – What went well or better than expected? What problems did you encounter?

  5. Appendix – Please provide a link to any code you wrote, together with a README outlining the directory structure and pointing out the key files to inspect.

I’d expect each report to be approximately 5 pages, depending on layout.

Finally, I will be running these reports through our plagiarism detection suite. Please be explicit about any code or text that you have used in your project that you found online.