Finding a project

The Department of ICS do not maintain a global list of available projects. You can browse staff members' web pages to see if they have projects advertised in their pages. Keep in mind that not everyone keep such lists up-to-date. You can also contact them to query for potential projects.

Some staff members may have contacts in the industry which may have projects to offer. Some companies may also keep their own lists of projects to offer, but you will have to track them down yourself. Importantly, you need to have a project which is also interesting for you, and of sufficient depth. You will also need to have a supervisor from within our programme, who will basically be your quality guard.

Staff members related to Computing Science: Software technology | Algorithmic data analysis | Algorithmic systems | Decision-support systems

The Faculty also has a service where you can find projects offered by companies. Staff members can forward offers to:


There are some requirements to be allowed to start a master project. See here.

Thesis proposal

Some staff members may require you to first write a thesis proposal before you can begin with your project, so that they can decide whether the project is feasible and worthwhile. Typically it is a document of around 10 pages. Most parts of are often reusable for your thesis.
  1. Some introduction may be needed.
  2. Formulate your research questions.
  3. Make a good literature study, so that you know what are existing solutions to your problem.
  4. Propose your approach.
  5. Include a work planning.

Forms to fill

  • Project Application Form to be filled at the start of a master project: can be found here. Then deliver it to the Students Administration Desk.

  • Assessment Form to be filled (by supervisors) for evaluating/grading the project, we have these two variants:
    1. One where the assesment criteria follows the Docenten Handleiding v5, it's here: docs | pdf.
    2. Generic one, from the original template provided by the Graduate School of Natural Sciences: here.

  • Study Plan. Have your study plan approved by the Programme Coordinator of the Master Programme Computing Science, then deliver it to the Students Administration Desk. This approval is needed by the Examination Board, which will have the final say on whether or not you can graduate.

    Templates for the Study Plan: txt | tex

Thesis format

Your title page should contain the name of our institution, and a thesis number (= ICA-yourstudentnumber).

Samples of previous master theses: here.


Contact the CS Colloquium Coordinator to reserve a slot for your defense.

Delivering your thesis

Delivering here means not only to give it to your supersivor, but to upload the final version to the Library's theses database: Igitur. The site should contain the needed instructions.

Then mail the confirmation you get from Igitur to the Students Administration Desk (

Don't forget to do the above, because this is a requirement before you can graduate!


After you have completed the required 120 ects, the so-called Board of Examination will take a look in your case to see if you indeed fullfil all criteria to graduate. Technically, your completion date will be set to the last day of the month on which you completed the last part of your programme. If you need to check the exact rules on this, see the regulation document here, (aka OER in Dutch).

Check here to see when the graduation ceremonies are [todo: update this link]. Taking part in a ceremony is of course only possible after you have technically completed your study. Take into account that the Board of Examination only meet once every month; July and December are excluded.