The course Computer Animation is given as part of the GMT Master programme at Utrecht University. The course consists of a number of lectures, as well as presentations by participants. Next to an introduction to basic animation techniques such as interpolation, blending, skeleton animation, facial animation, motion capture, kinematics and motion synthesis, we will focus on a selection of relevant animation-oriented research papers. As part of the course, a visit to the motion capture lab will be organized, and participants will make a short animation movie using motion capture data.


Movie teams will present their previz movies tomorrow during the lecture. Attendance is mandatory but it will not be graded. Presentations will also start this Friday. On the assignments page, see two example presentations.
Mocap lab schedule for the movie project is online.
Paper presentation teams and movie teams are updated.
Paper presentation teams are online. All papers can be downloaded here. If you don't have a paper assigned to you yet, please send an email.
Movie assignment teams are online. If you do not have a team, please send an email to z.yumak@uu.nl asap.
Slides of first lecture are online.
Course website is online!