During the course, you will give a paper presentation in teams of two. You will also produce a short animation movie in teams of four, using motion capture data. Roughly halfway the course, you will present your previz movies. The final animation movies will be shown at the last session. You will also write an essay on a topic within the animation research area.

You will get a grade for the presentation (P), movie (M) and essay (E).

The final grade is then calculated as 0.3 * P + 0.3 * M + 0.4 * E. In order to complete the course, there is an additional restriction that E >= 5.

Retake essay: If you didn't get a sufficiently high grade, you may do a retake essay to still complete the course. Exactly the same rules as the regular essay apply. The grade you get for the retake essay will replace the (missing) grade of the regular essay. You may improve the essay you originally handed in, taking into account the feedback from the teacher, and hand in as the retake essay, or choose a new topic and write an essay about that. Note that you can only qualify for a retake essay if you have done all the parts of the course (give a presentation, prepare an animation movie, hand in the essay) and have a final grade of at least 4.

Attendance is overall mandatory. However, you are allowed to skip 2 lectures (by the teachers) and 2 lectures with presentations (by the students). The re-visit to the mocap lab on 25th May is optional. You can join if you have questions.