The course Computer Animation is given as part of the GMT Master programme at Utrecht University. The course consists of a number of lectures, as well as presentations by participants. Next to an introduction to basic animation techniques such as interpolation, blending, skeleton animation, facial animation, motion capture, kinematics and motion synthesis, we will focus on a selection of relevant animation-oriented research papers. As part of the course, a visit to the motion capture lab will be organized, and participants will make a short animation movie using motion capture data or write a program for 3D skeletal animation.


Essay and final grades are sent today and tomorrow by email. Retake essay deadline is 22 July till 23:59.
Essay deadline is extended till 30 June 23:59. Essay grades will be announced the week of 8-12 July.
You can find here some tips for writing the essay.
On 19 June Wednesday, teams will present their project results (video for the movie and demo for the programming assignment). Each team will have 6-7 mins max. There will also be a peer assessment during the presentation. Attendance is mandatory for all team members. Projects will be graded by the teacher and the TA. We aim to announce the project grades by 25 June Tuesday.
The number of paper reviews is limited to 6 papers out of 23 papers based on the discussion after today's lecture. You will receive a confirmation close to the end of the course about how many reviews you have submitted.
Mocap schedule is online.
30.4.2019 Project teams are online. There are two teams with 3 members and one team with 4 members. If you want to merge these teams, please discuss with your team members and send me an email. Presentation teams and papers are also online.
Slides of the first lecture are online. If you do not have a project group, please send an email to z.yumak@uu.nl till 29 April Monday 23:59. For the paper presentations, if you want to team up with a particular person, send an email as well until 29 April 23:59. On Tuesday (30 April), we will announce project and presentation groups and paper assignments. Full paper set will also be provided on Tuesday.
Course website is online!