Submission details

In this course we shall use Submit for the programming assignments.

The deadlines for the various assignments are available. They are listed below. In view of the large amount of students participating the deadlines below are hard. Do not wait until the deadline is almost gone, but make sure you can start submitting in time. Submissions by e-mail will be disregarded.

We expect every submission to be in the form of a single zip file including the necessary code and documentation, as explained on the page for each assignment.

These deadlines ought to speak for themselves.

  1. Assignment 1a: XHTML+CSS design for assignment 1b (deadline: 22-02-2010, 17:00)
  2. Assignment 1b: Dynamic database driven website using PHP (deadline: 16-03-2010, 17:00)
  3. Assignment 2: Security assignment (deadline: 26-03-2010, 17:00)
  4. Assignment 3: AJAX-driven website using PHP (deadline: 23-04-2010, 17:00)