Grading procedure

The final grade consists of:

You pass the course if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. the grade for the closed book examination is at least 4.0,
  2. the individual grades for the three PHP programming assignments are at least 4.0 each,
  3. the weighted average of the examination and the programming assignments is at least 5.5.

What if you do not pass the course?

If you don't pass the course the first time around, you are allowed to improve your grade for a maximum of two of the three practical assignments and your grade for the examination. Thus: you may redo the examination and/or (not XOR) one or two of the practical assignments, but certainly not all three of the practical assignments. This gives you the opportunity to improve your grade in a limited fashion.

More information about redoing course elements is available.

Note that grades for individual assignments or examinations will not be valid during any future Internet Programming course.