Image Processing


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[Nov. 20, 2018] The final exam and assignment 3 grades are online. This means that we also have the final course grades (A = assignment, M = midterm, F = final exam, E = weighted exam, C = course grade, Q. Please check the Q-column to see if you passed the course. If it says "1", you did: congratulations. If not, it could be that (1) you didn't score at least 4 (weighted) for the assignments, (2) you didn't score 4 (weighted) for the exams or (3) you didn't score 5.5 (weighted) overall. If you didn't pass the course, you can either re-take the midterm exam or the final exam. Both will be on January 4th, 2019. There is an opportunity to check your exam on Tuesday November 27, 14:30. We hope you have enjoyed the course, and will find good use for image processing in your further careers!
[Nov. 2, 2018] Slides for lecture 15 are online. Good luck with the exam next week!
[Nov. 1, 2018] Slides for lecture 14 are online. The exam from last year with solutions is now also online
[Oct. 26, 2018] Slides for lecture 13 are online.
[Oct. 25, 2018] Slides for lecture 12 are online. The grades for assignment 2 have been emailed. Grade = score / 10. If you disagree with the grading, send me an email.
[Oct. 19, 2018] Slides for lecture 11 are online.
[Oct. 12, 2018] Slides for lecture 9 are online. We have decided to reconsider Q5 from the midterm exam because of the ambiguity in the terminology of the book. If removing the question will increase your grade, we have updated your grade. Otherwise, your grade is unaffected.
[Oct. 11, 2018] Slides for lecture 8 are online. Assignment 2 was updated a bit to make it less ambiguous.
[Oct. 10, 2018] The grades for the midterm exam are online. The solutions can be found in the curriculum page.
[Sept. 30, 2018] The grades for assignment 1 have been emailed. Grade = score / 10. If you disagree with the grading, send me an email.
[Sept. 29, 2018] Assignment 2 has been updated.
[Sept. 28, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 7, and solutions to Exercise 3 are online. Midterm 2017 is also online (note that last year FT and DFT were not part of the course, and the middle third of the course ran differently). Solutions to Exercise 4 are also online.
[Sept. 27, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 6, and Exercise 4 are online. For tomorrow's tutorial we'll use only BBG103. Finally, on non-uniform sampling and how compression is done for MP3 you could consult this and this.
[Sept. 21, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 5, and Kreyszig chapter 11.1 are online. The video I showed in the class can be found here. Exercise 3 is also online.
[Sept. 20, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 4 are online. Solutions to Exercises 2a and 2b are also online.
[Sept. 18, 2018] The walk-in session on Friday September 21 will be in room BBG 103-CLZ only. Only 30 people can fit. Assignment 2 is now online. Submit is now available.
[Sept. 14, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 3 are online. Minor typos in the solution of Exercise 0 solutions have been corrected.
[Sept. 13, 2018] Solutions to Exercises 0 and 1 are online. A typo corrected in Exercise 0 in Q2(c): f(i) -> f(m).
[Sept. 13, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 2 are online. Please read the reference material: chapter 4 of Burger and Burge, Fundamental Techniques.
[Sept. 13, 2018] Exercises 2a and 2b are online.
[Sept. 7, 2018] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 1 are online. Please use these as an overview of what was discussed in the class, as opposed to reference materials. We have closely followed chapters 1 and 3 of Burger and Burge, Fundamental Techniques, which are the detailed reference materials.
[Sept. 6, 2018] Exercises 0 and 1 online. Assignment 1 is now online (deadline September 23).
[May 30, 2018] Please note that there is a strong mathematical component in this course. Required knowledge includes elementary knowledge of finite series, elementary statistics, elementary linear algebra (matrices). Knowledge on complex numbers will be helpful to understand the Fourier transform related topics. If you lack this knowledge, you will be required to master it on your own during the course. For the assignments, experience with C# is recommended.
[May 30, 2018] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2018/2019. Check the curriculum page for an overview of the lectures, practicals and exam.