Image Processing


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[November 24, 2017] The final grades are online. Please check your email for a brief explanation of the grades. For those who passed the course: congratulations!
[November 16, 2017] Answers for the final exam can be found here.
[November 3, 2017] Slides for the Q&A lecture are online. The practice exam questions are representative of the level and topics, not of the way we will be asking questions. This will be the same as the midterm.
[October 27, 2017] Slides for lecture 12 (Filters and edge detection in color images) are online.
[October 26, 2017] Slides for lecture 11 (Color spaces) are online. You can send me topics and questions to be discussed in the Exam Q&A on November 3.
[October 20, 2017] Slides for lecture 10 (Automatic thresholding) are online.
[October 18, 2017] Slides for lecture 9 (Detecting simple curves and Corner detection) are online. Also, assignment 3 is online.
[October 13, 2017] Slides and annotated notes for lecture 8 (Comparing images) are online.
[October 12, 2017] Slides of lecture 7 (Regions in binary images) are online.
[October 10, 2017] Midterm grades are online
[October 9, 2017] Solutions to the midterm exam are online
[September 30, 2017] Two sets of questions (and answers) for midterm training are online
[September 28, 2017] Solutions to exercise 2 are online. Exercise 4 (morphological operators) with solutions are online as well.
[September 27, 2017] Slides of lecture 6 (Morphological operators) are online. The exercise session on Friday will be replaced by a walk-in session for the second assignment.
[September 26, 2017] Solutions to the extra exercises on histograms and point operators are online
[September 25, 2017] The curriculum was updated. Please note that Morphological filters are now part of the topics for the mid-term exam.
[September 22, 2017] Slides and (annotated) notes for lecture 5, exercises and Kreyszig chapter 11.1 are online
[September 21, 2017] Slides and (annotated) notes for lecture 4 are online
[September 18, 2017] Extra exercises on histograms and point operations available online
[September 15, 2017] Slides and (annotated) notes for lecture 3, and solutions to exercise 1 are online
[September 14, 2017] Slides and (annotated) notes for lecture 2 are online. Note: histogram equalisation is a difficult topic, after yesterday's lecture I have modified my notes, and added an example. Do not underestimate the maths here, and there are no substitutes of getting your hands dirty
[September 13, 2017] Exercise 2 is online
[September 11, 2017] It should now be able to sign up for Slack with your account. Details on the assignments are updates (only C#, no additional libraries). Slides, notes and exercises are online
[August 24, 2017] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2017/2018. Check the curriculum page for an overview of the lectures, practicals and exam.