Image Processing


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[November 26, 2016] The grades for the exam and assignment are online. (Log in with solis-ID). If your exam is below 4, you do not have a final grade and will have to re-take it. If your final grade is below 5.5, you will also have to re-take the exam. If you want to check your exam or your assignment, please let me know.
[November 7, 2016] Solutions of the 2015 practice exam: here
[November 2, 2016] Practice exams: 2014 (part 1), 2014 (part 2) and 2015
[October 28, 2016] Grades for practical 2 are online. (Log in with solis-ID).
[October 28, 2016] Requests for topics for the Exam Q&A (November 4) can be submitted until Sunday October 30.
[October 25, 2016] The lectures about Chapters 9 and 10 are combined. There will be no lecture on November 2.
[October 10, 2016] Grades for practical 1 are online. (Log in with solis-ID).
[August 3, 2016] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2016/2017. Check the curriculum page for an overview of the lectures, practicals and exam.