Introduction Image Processing


For information on the CS page, check here.

[December 17, 2014] The room for the exam re-take has changed to BBL-083. Remember that you can only re-take one part of the exam.
[November 20, 2014] All grades are in. You can find them here. A couple of important points:

  • Congratulations on everyone who passed!
  • I've worked with non-rounded grades, but the rounded ones are in the pdf.
  • If there is no grade in the "Final" column, you missed an exam, practical or the assignment.
  • If there is no "1" in the "Pass" column, it means that something is missing or not above the treshold.
  • You should have at least grade 4 for (1) the combined practicals, (2) the combined exam and (3) the assignment.
  • If your final grade is in red, it means you had a 5.5 and it was rounded to the nearest integer (as required).
If you did not pass the course, there are several things to consider:
  • You can retake ONE exam (so either E1 or E2). Both are scheduled on the same day, see here.
  • If you did not succeed to pass your assignment, you can resubmit it before Tuesday December 16th (23:00 STRICT). Note that this is an exception. Work that is not submitted on time, will not be graded. The maximum grade is a 6. Everything above will be capped to a 6. Send me a link to a zip on Dropbox (or something similar). You can work in pairs.
  • If you ONLY missed a practical, contact me.

[November 18, 2014] Grades of the second exam and second practicum are here. These are the rounded grades.
[October 30, 2014] Questions regarding the exam and assignment can be emailed until Friday October 31th the latest!.
[October 20, 2014] The grades of the first exam can be found here.
[October 14, 2014] Please send me your questions about any of the subjects for the Q&A lecture (Thursday October 30) so I can prepare some slides.
[October 14, 2014] The lecture of Thursday October 23 will be skipped.
[October 6, 2014] You can still sign up for your participation in the mocap recordings. Thursday 9 or Monday 13 October.
[October 6, 2014] The grades of the first practical can be found here.
[September 25, 2014] During the lecture of Tuesday September 30, we will practice the first exam with excercises and questions.
[September 22, 2014] For the first practical, just find me at BBG 112 before the start of the practical.
[August 18, 2014] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2014/2015.