Introduction Image Processing


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[December 24, 2015] The grades for the re-take exam are online. (Log in with solis-ID).
[November 20, 2015] The grades for the exam and the assignment are online. (Log in with solis-ID). If you have completed both practicals, the exam and the assignment, and if you passed each with at least grade 4, and if your final grade is at least 6, then you passed the course. Congratulations! If you have questions, or want to check your exam, let me know before Thursday November 26th.
[October 30, 2015] The exams from last year are online in two parts: chapters 1-4 and chapters 5-6, 8-9. Please note that this year, the exam will cover all these chapters in 2 hours. So expect fewer questions but the same type of questioning. Good luck! Also, don't forget to fill in the course evaluation. The course can only benefit from your feedback! Thanks.
[October 10, 2015] Grades for practical 2 are online. (Log in with solis-ID).
[September 22, 2015] Grades for practical 1 are online. (Log in with solis-ID).
[August 16, 2015] Creation of the webpage for the academic year 2015/2016. Check the curriculum page for an overview of the lectures, practicals and exam.