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Wolfgang Hürst (WWWEmail),

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Note: This is a preliminary schedule. Changes may apply! Always check the news section of this site for last minute announcements!

Schedule for the practicals: room BBL 175 is reserved for the graphics course for the whole week. Teaching assistants will be present to help you with the assignments at the following times starting April 25:
  • Tue 11h-13h (Jordi van Duijn, Tom Rijnbeek)
  • Thu 11h-13h (Vazgen Gasparian)
  • Thu 15h-17h (Gydo Nieraeth, Paul Scharf)
Notice that we might extend, shorten, or otherwise change these time slots given the actual need (e.g. more hours before deadlines, shorter hours otherwise).

Date Lectures & exams Tutorials Practicals
Tue, 23.04.13 Lecture 1: Introduction (no tutorial) Assignment 1

May 7,

Because of the deadline and the introduction talk for P2, the TA session on Tue, May 7, will be extended till 15:00h.

Thu, 25.04.13 Lecture 2: Vectors and curves Tutorial 1
Sessions on
Thu, 25.4. &
Thu, 02.5.

Tue, 30.04.13 (no lecture; Queens Day) Assignment 2
(basic shader programming)

June 4,

Notice that there will be an introduction talk to this assignment on two dates:
Tue, May 07, 11:00-12:45, WENT-Blauw
Tue, May 14, 11:00-12:45, ANDRO-C101
(same talk on both dates)

Because of these talks and the deadline for P1, the TA sessions on Tue, May 7 and 14 will be extended till 15:00h.

Notice that there will be no TA sessions on Thu, 30.5. because of the midterm exam.

Because of the deadline for P2, there will be an additional TA session on
Mon, Jun 3, 13:00-15:00
and extended hours on
Tue, Jun 4, 11:00-15:00.

Thu, 02.05.13 Lecture 3: Curves, surfaces, and shading
Tue, 07.05.13 Lecture 4: Matrices Tutorial 2
Sessions on
Tue, 07.5. &
Tue, 14.5.

Thu, 09.05.13 (no lecture; Hemelvaart)

Tue, 14.05.13 Lecture 5: Linear and affine transformations

Thu, 16.05.13 Lecture 6: Texture Mapping Tutorial 3
Sessions on
Thu, 16.5. &
Tue, 28.5.

Tue, 21.05.13 (no lecture; herkansing week)

Thu, 23.05.13 (no lecture; herkansing week)
Assignment 3
(advanced shader programming)

June 27,

Notice that there will be an introduction talk to this assignment on:
Thu, Jun 06, 13:15-15:00, ANDRO-C101

Because of the deadline for P3, TAs will be present in BBL 175 at the following times:
Tue, Jun 25, 11:00-13:00
Wed, Jun 26, 11:00-13:00
Thu, Jun 27, 11:00-15:00

Tue, 28.05.13 (no lecture; time for exam preparation)

Thu, 30.05.13 MIDTERM EXAM, 13:30-16:30, EDUC-GAMMA
(lectures 1-6, tutorials 1-3)
Check OSIRIS for final date, time, and room information!

Tue, 04.06.13 Lecture 7: Pipeline I (Perspective Projection)

Thu, 06.06.13 Introduction talk for programming assignment P3
(given by the TAs; will not be recorded)

Tue, 11.06.13 Lecture 8: Pipeline II (Clipping, Culling, z-Buffer) Tutorial 4
Sessions on
Tue, 11.6. &
Thu, 13.6.

Thu, 13.06.13 Lecture 9: Pipeline III (Rasterization & Shading)

Tue, 18.06.13 Lecture 10: Radiosity & Shadows Tutorial 5
Sessions on
Tue, 18.6. &
Thu, 20.5.

Thu, 20.06.13 Lecture 11: Ray Tracing I

Tue, 25.06.13 Lecture 12: Ray tracing II Tutorial 6
Sessions on
Tue, 25.6. &
Thu, 27.6.

Thu, 27.06.13 (no lecture; time for exam preparation)
Notice that we might use this as a backup time slot if needed!

Thu, 04.07.13 FINAL EXAM, 17:00-20:00, EDUC-GAMMA
(lectures 7-12, tutorials 4-6)
Check OSIRIS for final date, time, and room information!

... ... ... ... ... ...
Thu, 15.08.13 RETAKE EXAM, 13:30-16:30, EDUC-ALFA
Check under Exams & grading for further infos about the actual retake and in OSIRIS for final date, time, and room information!

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