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INFOGR: Graphics
Wolfgang Hürst (WWWEmail),

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Tutorials will take place at certain dates after or before the lectures (cf. the schedule for dates and the CS site for related time and locations). There will be six exercise sheets throughout the semester. For each sheet, two tutorials are offered (one on Tuesdays after the lecture, and one on Thursdays before the lecture). You should attend one of them, but it is up to you which one (i.e. you do not have to follow the "groep indeling" given by OSIRS). The purpose of the tutorials is that you do the exercises yourself (either alone or in small groups). A TA will be there to assist you if you have any questions. Hence, attendance is not mandatory, but highly recommended. We will post some comments on the solutions to the exercises before the exam (but not too early in order to encourage you to attend the tutorials). Important: Reading the textbook and attending the lectures is indeed a good idea, but you can only be sure that you understand the material if you succeed in doing the exercises. The assignments in the tutorials will be very much like what you can expect in the written tests. Notice that there will be more exercises on the sheets than you could possibly do within the two hours. Exercises will be online a few days before the tutorials. We expect that you work on the questions beforehand, so you can use the two hours tutorial time to ask the TA about things you didn't understand, etc.

  • Tutorial 1
    Basic maths: coordinate systems, viewing window, basic geometric entities in 2D

  • Tutorial 2
    Basic maths: basic geometric entities and intersections in 3D

  • Tutorial 3
    Matrices & linear and affine transformations

  • Tutorial 4
    Texturing & graphics pipeline I (perspective projection)
    Note that there is a typo in exercise 12: the vector u should be (+4/sqrt{17} , 0, -1/sqrt{17}). The rest of the solution should be ok though.

  • Tutorial 5
    Graphics pipeline II (clipping, culling & hidden surface removal, rasterization)

  • Tutorial 6 (part 1), (part 2)
    Advanced shading (radiosity and shadows) & ray tracing

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