TERM 1, 2009/2010
INFOGR: Graphics
Mondays, 9-11h, & Wednesdays, 9-11h, AARD-Klein

[Engels/English] "Graphics" is an introductory lecture about computer graphics. Generally, computer graphics deals with the representation and manipulation of pictorial data by a computer. One important aspect, which will be covered by this lecture, is the creation of realistic images based on 3D models. The course will start with a short coverage of the mathematical basics needed for computer graphics. Then, we discuss some fundamental techniques of modern computer graphics, such as transformations and projection of 3D models, hidden surface removal, triangle rasterization, shading, texture mapping, and ray tracing. We will also look into some advanced topics such as global illumination, radiosity, and shadows.

[Nederlands/Dutch] "Graphics" is een inleidende cursus over computer graphics. Computer Graphics houdt zich bezig met de representatie en manipulatie van beelddata door computers. Een belangrijk facet hierbij, dat wordt behandeld in deze cursus, is het maken van plaatjes van 3D-modellen. De cursus begint met een korte inleiding in de wiskundige basis welke voor computer graphics belangrijk is. Vervolgens bespreken wij enige fundamentele technieken van moderne computer graphics (b.v. transformatie en projectie van 3d modellen), hidden surface removal, triangle rasterization, shading, texture mapping en ray tracing. Wij zullen ook enige geavanceerde thema's behandelen, b.v. global illumination, radiosity en schaduwen.

Lecturer: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email),
TAs: Robby Tan (tutorials, WWW), Saskia Groenewegen (practicals, WWW), Corijn Kamerling and Maarten Abbink (student TAs)

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  • [22.12.09] The results from the re-retakes are now online.

  • [22.12.09] The results from the retakes are now online.

    Note: students who didn't pass the course, were qualified for the retakes, couldn't make it due to the bad weather conditions, and haven't been contacted by me yet, should send me an email soon, so we can decide on how to deal with this.

  • [20.11.09] The course is over and the final results have been published. Students who failed the course or want to improve their grade can participate in the retake (if they meet the related requirements, i.e. participation in T1 and T2, submission of P1 and P2, overall final grade > 4.0; exceptions apply). On the exams page, you find further infos about the retakes.

    Nice examples from the submissions to P2 can be found in the Wall of Fame.


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Times and locations:
Times, rooms, allocation to tutorials and practicals, etc. can be found in Osiris and at the department's web site for this course.
Please note that for various reasons this lecture will be given in English. However, questions can be asked in Dutch and also the exam questions may be answered in Dutch (or English).
If you have any questions, problems, recommendations, etc., please, do not hesitate to contact the instructor or any of the TAs.
We will use Fundamentals of Computer Graphics by Peter Shirley et al. as the textbook for the course. Note that this is the 2nd edition of the book. Students who already own a copy of the 1st edition don't need to upgrade because for the content covered in the lecture, there are only marginal differences between the two versions. Further info about the book's content (including errata and figures for download) can be found on the author's web page.

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