TERM 1, 2009/2010
INFOGR: Graphics
Monday, 9-11h, & Wednesday, 9-11h, AARD-Klein

As last year, this course will be recorded. Below you find the slides and recordings of each lecture. Recordings are in MPEG-4 format and come in two resolutions: 720x540 and 480x360. Don't rely on the recordings because we can not guarantee to maintain this service throughout the whole semester (i.e. if for whatever reason we are not able to offer a recording for a particular talk, don't come complaining).

A note considering the textbook: On the author's homepage, you find a list of errors for the 1st and 2nd edition. Those of you who are working with the first edition of the book, you can find a content list of edition 2 on Google Books that helps you finding the chapters quoted below (chapter 4 is new in edition 2, so you basically have to subtract one chapter number for each chapter larger than 5).

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