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Academic year 2006-2007


Organization and lectures: Johan Versendaal & Pascal Ravesteyn


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Latest News


1 June 2007: Find the final marks for this year’s ELAB-course. Note that few students still need to complete their meta-questions.



26 April 2007: Below, you can find your end-marks for the course Enterprise Lab. From left to right the marks for the practical track, seminar presentations, seminar report (individual part), seminar report (group part), and the overall (rounded) end-mark are included. Suggestions on how to proceed are listed in the last column and follow the following algorithm:


IF (overall student contribution was perceived below acceptable level) THEN

  Student_status = not passed

  Rounded end-mark = 1.0

  Take course next year


  IF ((practical track < 5.5) OR (Student was ill during practical track presentation)) THEN

    IF (practical track < 5.5) THEN

      Opportunity to improve practical track and present it before 14 May 2007


      Opportunity to present practical track before 14 May 2007


    IF (report < 5.5) THEN

      Opportunity to improve report before 14 May 2007

      IF (meta questions and answers not included in report) THEN

        Include meta questions and answers in report before 14 May 2007



      IF (meta questions and answers not included in report) THEN

        Include meta questions and answers in report before 14 May 2007




    IF (report < 5.5) THEN

      Opportunity to improve report before 14 May 2007

      IF (meta questions and answers not included in report) THEN

        Include meta questions and answers in report before 14 May 2007



      IF (meta questions and answers not included in report) THEN

        Include meta questions and answers in report before 14 May 2007


        Student_status = passed







As for the improvements of the practical track (if applicable): please make an appointment with Gerritjan and Gerrit as soon as you are ready for demonstration but before 14th May 2007 (gerritjan.boshuizen@hu.nl, gerrit.spronk@hu.nl).


Find below the detailed seminar report judgements. Those students that do not have a sufficient mark for the seminar report (and who do want to take the opportunity to improve the report) can use this detailed information for knowing how to improve the duo-part as well as the group-part of the seminar report. However, report re-submissions should be done and written individually (per individual student; NOT per duo; NOT per group): you are allowed to improve both the duo part as well as the group part, but individually.  Deadline date for improved full seminar reports (= duo part and group part) is 14 May 2007; please send it individually to elab2007@cs.uu.nl. If you re-submit you must start changing the report as from the originally submitted text (submitted on 13 April 2007) in REVIEW-mode: this is mandatory, so that we can easily track your suggested changes. The same holds for submissions only including the meta questions and answers.



Following the instructions for writing the seminar report (see week 15), i.e. the judgement criteria, the following legenda holds for the detailed table:


3- Intro: Introduction per duo contribution

4- Validation: Quality of validation per duo contribution

5- Results: Quality of validation results per duo contribution

8- Appendix: Quality of literature overview, interview details and company details

Group part:

1- Participants: Clearness of contributions and who wrote what

2- Structure: Clearness of structure of the report

7- Introduction: Quality of the Introduction of the overall (group) report

6- Conclusion: Overall report conclusion

9- Pages limitation: Degree to which the 22-pages limit (excluding appendices) has been adhered to

10- Summary: Quality of the overall report summary.


12 April 2007: Find the marks for the practical track below. In case your result is not (yet) sufficient or you were not present (or ill) you get the opportunity to repair and demonstrate your implementation before 14th May 2007. Please make an appointment with Gerritjan and Gerrit as soon as you are ready for demonstration but before 14th May 2007 (gerritjan.boshuizen@hu.nl, gerrit.spronk@hu.nl) .



2 April 2007: The writing of a report for the practical track results(Cordys) is cancelled; marks for the Cordys part will be determined by the quality of your work, and the presentations at the HU on 12 April 2007. Instead, you are (all!) asked to fill-in the electronic evaluation form, which will include specific questions on the practical track. This form equals the ‘regular’ evaluation form, and will be made available by the end of the course. Note that writing the validation report for the scientific track (seminar) continues to be mandatory (details: see week 15).


26 March 2007: See the instructions for writing the validation report in week 15.


26 March 2007: Announcements for students from the HU-lecturers: 1. Lecture to illustrate processintegration in cordys supply chain: thursday morning 9.00 hrs (be in time please) 29th March. Further hints and examples will be given/shown. Location: Nijenoord 1, E00.04. 2. Please find a document with further hints / instructions for process integration attached to this message


26 March 2007: For UU students, the final mark for this course consists of 4 major parts: 1) Practical Cordys track at the HU (50%); 2) Seminar presentation  (10%); 3) Seminar report (duo contribution 20%); 4) Seminar report (overall domain contribution 20%). For HUebs students partial marks for components 2, 3 and 4 will be delivered to the HU lecturers.


26 March 2007: Updated seminar presentation list:



22 March 2007: Please find a powerpoint presentation with hints for building the supply chain integration solution as attachment to this message. You may wish to make use of the document delivermessage in bpm, this document is also attached.


8 March 2007: Please find week 13, week 14 and week 15 added to the menu.


8 March 2007: Please find the seminar presentation schedule, indicating when each duo present their interview results. More details on the presentation, see week 12.



5 March 2007: Please include in your interview also a number of meta-questions, next to the CFS-related questions. At least include the following meta-questions: (see also week 10):

-         Name, location HQ of your organization?

-         Size of your organization in terms of FTEs (employees)?

-         Your organization’s sector?

-         Your job/function in the organization?

-         Quality of the interview questions (very bad, bad, medium, good, very good)?

-         Does your organization have an Enterprise Architecture?

-         Is your organization currently executing a BPMS project? If yes, for what purpose?

-         Is middleware being used in your organization? If yes, from what vendor?

-         Please indicate your level of knowledge on SOA (very low, low, medium, high, very high)

-         Is a SOA paradigm being used in your organization?

-         Do you think that in the interview questions CSFs were missing? If so, which ones?


28 February 2007: Added content for week 10, week 11, and week 12.


26 February 2007: Note that today (Monday afternoon) there is an excursion to Cordys, instead of a lecture at the Utrecht University (see details in week 9).


16 February 2007: The interviews that you do at the organizationd include (next to the specific CSF-related questions) a number of general meta-questions (e.g. what sector is your organization in) that the lecturers will provide to you in week 9.


15 February 2007: Find your organizations for interviewing as soon as possible. Try to schedule the interviews in week 10 and/or 11 (latest), so that you have time to process the results for a presentation (from week 12 onwards), and you have time to complete the report by the end of the course.


15 February 2007: Ensure you have your assignment approach delivered by e-mail (elab2007@cs.uu.nl) on March 1, 2007. Use 1 A4 to describe your approach in detail. See week 9 for more details.


12 February 2007: Included slides of seminar lecture of 12 February (week 7). Also prepare the lecture on 15 February (week 7) by reading this paper before the lecture.


9 February 2007: Find the following extra files next to the book the help you get started with Cordys Basics: Cordys configuration instructions, Cordys configuration data file, Hints ‘Working with Cordys’, and book errata.


31 January 2007: Website on-line.


About this homepage


This page will be used for announcements and latest news on the course Enterprise Lab. This course is part of the master program Business Informatics. The pages linked to this homepage will provide you with further and detailed information and is structured by calendar week. Use the elab2007@cs.uu.nl mailing adres for contacting lecturers and submitting assignments.