13/07: Results resit grades.

28/04: Final grades.

06/04: The list of seminar topics required for the exam (see grading).

04/04: Grades of practical 1 available (see grading).

29/03: The list of topics of the lectures required for the exam and an example exam have been added (see grading).

2/03: A FAQ has been added to the practical assigment part.

09/03: Seminar schedule

06/03: If your name is not on the seminar list you need to register by sending me an email with your top-3 choice of papers that are still available (= less than 3 assigned students)

02/03: The seminar papers are available.

27/02: The second practical assignment is available.

27/02: There is no lecture at Wednesday March 1.

15/02: The first practical assignment is available.