Every participant makes a choice between writing a paper and doing an exercise. (In some cases, participants may have individual appointments.)

The bad news

In the past years, students struggled with/enjoyed an exercise based on an extension of the Monet 4 engine to support high performance searching on protein strings. The environment for this exercise is not suppported anymore. It has been decided that this exercise will not be adapted to Monet 5.

The good news

At the introductory session on Monet, several students showed their interest in doing some practical exercises with Monet. If someone formulates a interesting project based on experiments with this system, I am willing to give opportunities. Cooperative projects are encouraged.


One of the topics listed on the paper page is benchmarking. Especially in the case of a cooperative project of several students, a benchmarking project could be filled with experiments too.

In all cases, communicate your plans with the teacher before starting.

Deadline: July 9. Make appointments with the teacher about how to submit your stuff. In general, a demonstration may be part of it.