Mini symposium
Cryptography and Beyond

BBL Fourth floor, January 31, 2006

The course on Cryptography will end with a small symposium, during which the participants will report about their individual studies. Participation in this event is obligatory for students taking the course, but also open to all who are interested.

Place and time

The symposium Cryptography and Beyond will be on January 31, 2006, from 9h00 to 13h00, in the BBL, fourth floor. Participation is free and a refreshment will be served at the end.


The symposium has three tracks, Hard Number Problems, Security in Society, and Protocols. Each track has four slots for 45 minute talk (including discussion), and changing track is possible between each talk.
Theme: Hard Number Problems Security in Society Protocols
Johan Kwisthout
Guido Diepen
Hans Bodlaender
9.15 - 9.20 Opening by Gerard Tel (central hall)
Slot 1:
9.25 - 10.10
Adriano Galati,
Ron de Bruijn:
Threshold cryptography
Roderik Jansen,
Mark Suurmond:
Biometrics in Border Control
Ewoud Bloemendal:
Slot 2:
10.15 - 11.00
Maarten Niederer,
Sweitse van Leeuwen:
Discrete Logarithm
Haiko Schol,
Clement Gutel:
Human Interactive Proofs
Thomas van Dijk,
Luis Cardoso:
Sigma protocols
Slot 3:
11.10 - 11.55
Roel Wijgers,
Antonio Miranda:
Integer factoring
Newres al Haider:
Michael Sluis,
Maarten Kous:
Electronic Voting
Slot 4:
12.00 - 12.45
  Rob Verkuijlen:
Social Engineering
Sjoerd Hagen:
Robust Combiners
12.50 - ?? Closing remarks by Gerard Tel, Refreshments

Past symposia

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Photo's of the symposium of January 21, 2004: CLICK.