The Cryptography Project

Each student of the course will study a subject relating theory and practice of cryptography. This project will consist of a literature study, writing a paper, and giving an oral presentation of the subject. The papers will be collected in a booklet that we will write together.

Possible Projects

Following are some subject suggestions. You may also explore a subject of your own choice, but only after consultation with the teacher; for subjects, see for example the Internet section of The references given below of course just represent the view of one author on the subject and are meant as a pointer into the literature on the subject.

LNCS means Lecture Notes in Computer Science, this series of books is found in the Computer Science library. Projects with a NAME were already assigned.

What is expected from you?

The classes and reading material for the course approach cryptography from the theoretic perspective. In the project you are supposed to show, how it is brought into practice. You can describe some on-going project or a developed product, or do a business-oriented case study to describe how a crypto application is rolled out in a big organisation. You will have to study about 4 papers, and perhaps read newspaper articles or watch television shows, to appreciate the subject in general.

The product of past students can be seen in the collections produced during earlier incarnations of the course: