Bachelor Course on Languages and Compilers

Welcome to the homepage of Languages and Compilers. Please contact Jurriaan Hage for any enquiries about the course. However, if you have a question about a specific lab grade, please contact the lab leader, David van Balen. Questions about the labs should be first be directed to the teaching assistants. General announcements about the course will be made via e-mail from Blackboard.

This course deals with finite state automata, parsing and simple code generation. More details on the contents of this course can be found on the Education Pages. The practical assignments are in Haskell, and we expect students to be familiar with that language (for example, by doing our bachelor course on Functional Programming).

A major change with respect to last year is in the exams and their weights: this year the final exam is a written exam about all of the materials in the course. For the midterm in December I plan to have an on-line multiple choice exam for the first part of the lecture notes (see the schedule for details). The main role of this midterm is for you to learn whether you spend enough time on the course. The grading scheme is on the Education Pages. The main gist of it is that: if your midterm grade is lower than your final grade, then your final grade counts. If it is higher, then a weighted average is taken. In other words, it is always a good idea to take part in the midterm.