INFOB3IT Interaction Technology
Grading 2018/19

The final grade is calculated as follows:
The average of all assignments counts for 60%:

  • Assignment 1: 30%
  • Assignment 2: 30%
The average of the written exams counts for 40%.
  • Exam 1: 20%
  • Exam 2: 20%

The following rules apply:

  • You need a 6 or higher to pass the course
  • Weighted averages from 5 up to 6 are rounded to the nearest integer (5 or 6)
  • Other weighted averages are rounded to .1
  • Weighted average of assignments must be at least 4
  • Weighted average of exams must be at least 4
  • All assignments need to be submitted
  • There is no retake for the assignments
  • If only 1 exam is missed, the final grade is AANV
  • Retake only admissible if final grade was between 4 and 5, or AANV
  • Retake is on complete course materials
  • Retake replaces both previous exams

Academic honesty
Fraud or plagiarism will be reported to the Board of Examiners, as required by the Education and Examination Regulations. This includes for example copying code from the internet without approval of the teacher, copying code from other students, letting other students create (parts of) your assignment, letting other students copy code from your assignment, and reusing previously written code. The content of the assignment (report and code) has to be entirely of your own. If you want to use any external material, contact the teacher for approval.