Utrecht University

Department of Information and Computing Sciences

INFOB2WT - Web technology

(Period III, 2016-2017)

Date Topic Slides Deadlines
Wednesday, Feb. 8 Intro, History, Standardization Lecture 1
Friday, Feb. 10 Architecture, Standards, Markup Lecture 2 Assignment 1 is published
Wednesday, Feb. 15 HTML5, Styles (CSS 3) Lecture 3
Friday, Feb. 17 Intro to DOM and Client-side scripting with JavaScript. Guest lecturer: Prof. Herlaar Lennart's Photo Lecture 4
Wednesday, Feb. 22 No Lecture, Practice is still ON
Friday, Feb. 24 Front-end Web development with functional languages. Guest lecturer: Prof. Swierstra Wouter's Photo Lecture 5 Assignment 1 is due
Wednesday, Mar. 01 Client-side scripting with JavaScript (Event model, Event propagation, Cookies) Lecture 6 Assignment 2 is published
Friday, Mar. 03 JavaScript (Functions as objects, Callback, jQuery), Client-Server Architecture, Introduction to Node.JS Lecture 7
Wednesday, Mar. 08 Server-side scripting with Node.JS (simple server, file server, form processing), JSON Lecture 8
Friday, Mar. 10 Node.JS (Connect.JS middleware), AJAX Lecture 9 Assignment 3 is published
Wednesday, Mar. 15 Stateful Web Lecture 10
Friday, Mar. 17 AJAX meets JQuery, Building Web-apps with Express.JS Lecture 11 Assignment 2 is due
Wednesday, Mar. 22 Social Web Lecture 12
Friday, Mar. 24 Semantic Web Lecture 13
Wednesday, Mar. 29 Adaptive Web Lecture 14
Friday, Mar. 31 No Lecture, Practice is still ON
Wednesday, Apr. 5 Security Lecture 15
Friday, Apr. 7 Exam preparation Slides
Monday, Apr. 10 Assignment 3 is due
Wednesday, Apr. 12 EXAM