Utrecht University

Department of Information and Computing Sciences

INFOB2WT - Web technology

(Period III, 2017-2018)

Course Schedule

Week Date Topic Slides Deadlines
W6 Wednesday, Feb. 7 Intro; Course overview; History of Internet Lecture 1
W7 Wednesday, Feb. 14 Internet architecture; Internet and Web protocols; Brief intro into HTML Lecture 2
Friday, Feb. 16 HTML5; CSS3; DOM Lecture 3
W8 Wednesday, Feb. 21 Intro to JavaScript; Imperative and OO programming with JavScript Lecture 4
Friday, Feb. 23 Functional and event-driven programming with JavaScript Lecture 5
W9 Wednesday, Feb. 28 Recent JavaScript Developments; JavaScript Frameworks Lecture 6 Assignment 1 is due
Assignment 2 is published
Friday, Mar. 02 SGML; XML; Jason; SVG, WebGL; MathML; Web APIs Lecture 7
W10 Wednesday, Mar. 07 Web app architecture; Introduction to Node.JS and Express; Lecture 8
Friday, Mar. 9 Programming a server Lecture 9
W11 Wednesday, Mar. 14 State-full Web; Ajax
Midterm exam preparation
Lecture 10 Assignment 2 is due
Assignment 3 is published
Friday, Mar. 16 Midterm Exam (13:30-15:30; EDUC-GAMMA)
W12 Wednesday, Mar. 21 Security Lecture 11
Friday, Mar. 23 HTTPS; Authentication Lecture 12
W13 Wednesday, Mar. 28 Social Web Lecture 13
Friday, Mar. 30 Semantic Web Lecture 14
W14 Wednesday, Apr. 4 Adaptive Web Lecture 15
Friday, Apr. 6 Final Exam Preparation Assignment 3 due
W15 Friday, Apr. 13 Final Exam (8.30-10.30; EDUC-BETA)
W27 Wednesday, Jul. 6 Final Exam Retake (8.30-10.30; EDUC-ALFA)