Utrecht University

Department of Information and Computing Sciences

INFOB2WT - Web technology

(Period III, 2017-2018)

Assignment 1


Develop a static website on the topic of your interest. It can be a website of your favourite team, movie, band, pet, book, etc. Use the Web-representation technologies discussed during the first three lectures (HTML5 and CSS3). The visual appeal of your design is welcomed but not required; yet, avoid deliberately repulsive color combinations. Your website is expected to present meaningful information about the topic. The pages should be bigger than a paragraph, but smaller than a book chapter.


Your website must:

Maintain good coding style


Academic integrity

The work should be done by and your peer only. You can rely on the support of teaching assistants and student assistants during the practicum time, but you are not allowed to use the code of other groups. It is also forbidden to use HTML generating services and programs. You are required to manually create both the HTML and the CSS code. You can use external sources for the content of your website, however, you must refer to them by linking and naming.