2016-2017, 2nd quarter, time slot A
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie Introductieproject
Coordination: Paul Bergervoet (e-mail)

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017, 11:00-16:00
De Uithof, Utrecht


Lectures by experts from the industry, both game technology and general computer science in KBG Pangea.

Lex Decrauw and Roel Ezendam (Ragesquid)
RageSquid is a young indie game studio from the Netherlands with a party HQ situated at the Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht. We love to make party games, the type that makes you want to invite all your friends over for a local multiplayer session that should leave you all entertained, regardless of whether you were just watching or hogging the controller.

The speaker for general computer science is Peter Boot, from YourNextConcepts, a company that develops software for analyzing educational data.


Presentations of your games in the open space/lobby of the Koningsberger building. The exact location will be announced. (Building management has to take things like safety and fire instructions into consideration to decide what section is best...)
There will be lunch set up near the presentations. This will be a lunch-to-go. You can eat your lunch while walking along the presentations!


Awards ceremony in lecture room Cosmos. Three nominated teams will give their game presentation, the jury award and public award will be handed out to the winning teams.


Borrel in the Koningsberger building.

This is a public event, so make sure to invite your friends and families!

(c) Frank van der Stappen, Paul Bergervoet