2016-2017, 2nd quarter, time slot A
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie Introductieproject
Coordination: Paul Bergervoet (e-mail)

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Wednesday December 21, 2016
Teams are expected to be present during the entire session. You present your own work and are 'audience' to the presentations of the other groups.

Session I: 09:00-10:45, Room BBG 061
Team 4a
Team 4b
Team 5a
Team 5b
Team 6a
Ron Vanderfeesten
Maarten Löffler
Paul Bergervoet
Session II: 11:00-12:45, Room BBG 201
Team 6b
Team 7a
Team 7b
Team 2a
Team 2b
Malte Lorbach
Paul Bergervoet
Session III: 09:00-10:45, Room KBG Atlas
Team 1a
Team 1b
Team 3a
Team 3b
Team 8a
Team 8b
Amir Vaxman
Egon van den Broek
Wolfgang Hürst

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