2016-2017, 2nd quarter, time slot A
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie Introductieproject
Coordination: Paul Bergervoet (e-mail)

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Your final grade will depend on the responsibilities specified under "vereisten", in particular:
  • attendance in the group meetings and mandatory events (lectures, symposium)
  • maintenance of a logbook that demonstrates a sufficient amount of contribution to the project
and the deliverables, in particular:
  • the website
  • the video
  • the final playable game
as well as your presentation at the "jury day" (cf. below).

The actual grading will be done in a two-step-approach. First, at the jury day on January 24, a jury containing your tutor and four other members will give a general rating for your game and promotion material. They will use this review and rating form (pdf). Info about the concrete criteria can be found on the back of the form. Make sure to read this carefully since it gives you further information on what is expected from you. You will get the result of the rating of your game at the end of the symposium.

In the second step, the tutor will determine your final grade based on the ratings. The jury's ratings can, but don't necessarily have to translate to concrete marks. In particular, tutors can make slight modifications for the whole team and random modifications for individual team members based on your performance during the whole course of the project. If necessary, they will also consider the amount of hours you spent on the project (or didn't spent!), your coding style, meetings you missed, etc.


There will be two awards - a best game award determined by an award committee and an audience award determined by the visitors of the symposium. The symposium on January 31 will have a demo session where everyone can come and play every game. It is followed by a closing event with award ceremony and subsequent borrel.

At the end of the jury day, the jury will nominate five teams for the best game award. They will be informed about this by email in the evening. Nominated teams have one week to prepare a short presentation for the symposium (5 min). At the symposium, the award committee will test their game at the demo session. In the following closing event and award ceremony, each team can present their game for 5 minutes. Afterward, the committee will decide on the winner and give out the award.

During the demo at the symposium, each visitor has the opportunity to vote for an audience award. The winner will be announced at the award ceremony at the end of the symposium. Notice that both best game and audience award are not necessarily related to the ratings and the final grade.


Whole teams as well as individual members who fail the course (i.e. who get a grade lower than 6 after rounding) have the chance for a herkansing if and only if their original grade was at least 4. Type, style, and content of the herkansing assignment is determined individually by the tutor after consultation with the project coordinator.

(c) Frank van der Stappen, Paul Bergervoet