2012/2013, 2nd quarter, timeslot D (Wed 13-19, Fri 09-17)
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie introductieproject
Coordination: Arno Kamphuis (WWW, Email)

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THE TEAMS List of teams: The projects in this course are done in teams of 5-7 students.

In the first week, your tutor will organize a meeting with all students in his tutor group. In this meeting, you will split in teams of sizes between 5 and 7 students. Forming teams with students from other tutor groups as well as switching teams during the course is not intended. Notice however that depending on your group size, we might assign students to your team who are not in your tutor group.

In general, it is up to you to decide who joins which team. However, the tutor has the final saying in order to guarantee that the teams are formed in a way that maximizes the likelihood that every team succeeds with their project (e.g. it should be avoided to have one team of "experienced hackers" and one of "newbie programmers").

Course participants who are not first year gametechnology students (and thus have no tutor group) should contact the coordinator in the first lecture. They will be assigned to other teams based on the total number of students. Notice that you are not allowed to join random teams.

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