2012/2013, 2nd quarter, timeslot D (Wed 13-19, Fri 09-17)
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie introductieproject
Coordination: Arno Kamphuis (WWW, Email)

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Friday, February 1, 2013, 13:15-16:30
De Uithof, Utrecht

13:00-13:15 Setup (teams will set up their games in BBL)
13:15-14:45 Showcase with game demos & playtime (BBL, ground floor)
(all teams show their games in BBL, and visitors can walk around,
play them, and vote for the audience award)
15:15-16:15 Award ceremony (Ruppert WIT)
(teams nominated for the best game award will present their games,
and the award committee will announce the winner and give out the audience award)
The nominees for the best game award are (in no particular order):
16:30 Start of the borrel ("bovenkantine" Minnaert)
  • The borrel will be organized by Sticky
This is a public event, so make sure to invite your friends and families!

In addition to an audience award where visitors can vote for the game they like most,
an award committee consisting of members related to the gaming industry will determine
a best game award. This year's award committee members aren't announced yet!

Verdeling teams over BBL zalen (demosessie) Voor de demosessie zijn de volgende BBL zalen beschikbaar:
  • 017, 020, 0.69, 0.71, 0.75, 0.77 en 0.79
Deze zalen delen we met het Gametechnologie Introductieproject. Welk team in welke zaal komt wordt later bekend gemaakt.

Zaal ICA/GT Team nr. Groepsnaam Product

BBL-017ICA Team 1
 ICA Team 2
 GT Team 6B
 GT Team 1A
 GT Team 2B
 GT Team 5A

BBL-020ICA Team 3
 ICA Team 4
 GT Team 5B
 GT Team 8B
 GT Team 4A
 GT Team 3B

BBL-075ICA Team 5
 ICA Team 6
 GT Team 7B
 GT Team 8A

BBL-077ICA Team 7
 ICA Team 8
 GT Team 6A
 GT Team 1B

BBL-079ICA Team 9
 ICA Team 10
 GT Team 3A
 GT Team 7A
 GT Team 4B
 GT Team 2A

(c) Wolfgang Hürst