2012/2013, 2nd quarter, timeslot D (Wed 13-19, Fri 09-17)
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie introductieproject
Coordination: Arno Kamphuis (WWW, Email)

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  • [30.01.13] And the nominees are.... Check the symposium page

  • [29.01.13] Check out all the video on the youtube playlist

  • [28.01.13] Schedule of the juryday is online. Check your spot now!

  • [17.12.12] Schedule of the midterm presentations is up! Check the starting time of the second part: 15:00 exactly!!!! Be there on time.

  • [17.12.12] Changed location midterm presentations: It is now located for the entire 4 hours in RUPPERT-ROOD!!!!!

  • [20.11.12] The lecturenotes of the third lecture are online.

  • [19.11.12] Guest lecture 2, lecture 5, is now definite!! Make sure you'll be there since this is mandatory!!!

  • [19.11.12] The teams that are now definite are visible on the teams page.

  • [16.11.12] The lecture notes of the second lecture are online.

  • [15.11.12] The lecture on Wednesday November 21, 2012 is in Andro-C101.

  • [15.11.12] Be sure to check the room for the meeting tomorrow. The group numbers on the course/osiris page is not the correct numbers for your teams. Look at the name of your tutor and go to the corresponding room.

  • [14.11.12] All participants have gotten an email with their group/team designation! Check your student university email, or at least make sure that this emailaddress is forwarded to some address you do use!!

  • [14.11.12] Be sure to schedule a meeting with Marries (TA) via the google document

  • [14.11.12] Be sure to keep track of this website for the location of the lecture. The Osiris-generate course page is not correct!

  • [14.11.12] Important: the workgroups on the course page are irrelevant!!! The tutorgroups are the groups from which the teams are build!!!!

  • [14.11.12] The slides of the first lecture are online, including the movie.

  • [12.11.12] All the lectures are mandatory!! Be sure to be at the first lecture in order to know what is expected of you. Also, if you are not part of a tutorgroup, make sure you are at the first lecture!!!!

  • [11.11.12] The time and location of the 4th lecture has changed. The new time and location is: Wednesday November 21, 2012 at 13.15-15.00 in Went Blauw

Please refer to the CS website and OSIRIS for formal infos about this course.

(c) Arno Kamphuis