2011/2012, 2nd quarter, timeslot D (Wed 13-19, Fri 09-17)
INFOB1PGT: Gametechnologie introductieproject
Coordination: Wolfgang Hürst (WWW, Email)

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  • [10.02.12] The winners of the best game and audience awards are now announced on the symposium page. In case you missed it, follow this link to RTV Utrecht to watch the report about the symposium that UStad showed yesterday (it starts at about 7:55min).

  • [01.02.12] The course is over and I hope you had a good time at the symposium.

    Since some of you asked, some comments about the gradings: the feedback you got today was for your whole team. It is the basis for your grade, which can be the same for all team members. However, if some of you contributed clearly more or less, the tutors can and will consider that by doing individual adaptations. You will get your final grade directly from them within then next 1-2 weeks.

    If you have some nice photos from the symposium, feel free to share them with us via the symposiums Facebook page (I'm not a Facebook expert, but I think the settings allow this; if not, let me know and I can upload them.) I'll ask Arno to do the same.

    Finally, here's the video from today's award ceremony featuring all your games:

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