Mobile Programming

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Welcome to the homepage of Mobile Programming (or Mobiel Programmeren), a level 1 course in the curriculum of the Bachelor Programme for Information Science. The homepage is partly in English, partly in Dutch. The new text is all in English, older reused parts are in Dutch. This is true in particular for the description of the practicals.

In this course you are taught some of the basic concepts of imperative and object-oriented programming. We do this in the context of developing apps for Android phones in C#. Information about classes and class rooms can be found on the Education Pages (in Dutch).

The practical assignments are in C# using Visual Studio and using Xamarin for building Android apps that you can run on your own Android phones. You are expected to bring your own device.

How do we communicate during this course?

First of all: although the website in English, lectures will be in Dutch, and your communication with me and most of the assistants. There is one PhD student involved in this course, Victor, and does not speak Dutch. So expect your communication with him to be in English.

You are now on the static course website. It contains all information concerning the schedule, assignments, old exams and lectures. It may change during the course, but not very much. If important things change, you will be informed by me. General communication from me to you will be by e-mails sent from Blackboard to all registered students. There are no ``news’’ pages. We use Blackboard for handing in and grading assignments.

If you have questions about the exercises and practical assignments, then your first point of contact is during lab and exercise hours (see the Education pages). Questions about grades you received for assignments should first be directed at the one who has graded your work, or the person in charge of the practicals. Other questions regarding the contents of the course can be asked at the lectures. Questions of an administrative nature are best in an e-mail to the lecturer.