Advanced Research Methods
An overview of the topics that will be presented in the lectures, with the accompanying parts of the books indicated.
  • Lectures in the Quantitative track are indicated with (S) for Statistics, the literature refers to Fields book. The lectures take place in BBL-023 on Mondays at 11:00.
  • Lectures in the Qualitative track are indicated with (M) for Methods, the literature refers to Wohlin's book. These lectures take place on Wednesdays at 11:00. Check OSIRIS for the appropriate rooms!
  • There are no werkcolleges, although Osiris indicates a timeslot for this on Mondays at 09:00. A timeslot will be set up for consulting the lecturers (will be announced soon)

Date Topic
Literature Handouts
13 nov

1A, 1B

18 nov S: Fundamental concepts Chapters 1 + 2 + 5 + 9 S1
20 nov
M: Case studies
Chapter 5
M1A, M1B

25 nov
S: Correlation Analysis
(before this: extra lecture between 10:00-11:00 in BBL-201 to finish previous topic)
Chapter 7 (4th ed), 6 (3rd ed)
27 nov
M: Systematic Literature Reviews
Chapter 4
M2A, M2B

2 dec
no lecture

4 dec
M: Experiment design and operation Chapters 8 + 9
M3A, M3B

9 dec
S: Linear regression
Chapter 8 (4th ed), 7 (3rd ed)
11 dec
M: Grounded theory

M4A, M4B

16 dec
S: Logistic regression
Chap. 19 (4th ed), 8 (3rd ed)
18 dec
M: Analysis and interpretation
Chapter 10

6 jan
S: Analysis of Variance
Chap. 11 (4th ed), 10 (3rd ed)
8 jan
M: Design Research


13 jan
S: Factor Analysis
Chapter 17
15 jan
No Lecture!

20 jan
S: Cluster analysis and non-parametric tests
Chapter 6 (4th ed), 15 (3rd ed),
extra literature: cluster analysis
22 jan
M: (10:00-12:45! in BBL-023) Mixed Methods and Ethics