Materials of previous years

This section contains last years materials. Note that the contents of the course changes every year. For this years materials and schedule, see Lectures / Schedule
  • Introduction 2016. PPTX, PDF.
  • Stable marriage and stable roommates problems. PPTX, PDF.
  • Shorests paths. PPTX, PDF/
  • Maximum flow. PPT, PDF.
  • Minimum cost flow. PPT, PDF.
  • Matching. PPT, PDF.
  • Exact exponential-time algorithms. PPTX, PDF.
  • Graph isomorphism. PPT, PDF.
  • Planar graphs. PPTX, PDF.
    Further reading:
    • Tamassia (editor): Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization, 2013. Online version of the book.
    • Giuseppe Di Battista, Peter Eades, Roberto Tamassia, Ioannis G. Tollis. Graph Drawing: Algorithms for the Visualization of Graphs (1998).
  • Fixed Parameter Tractability. PPTX, PDF.
  • Approximation Algorithms. PPTX, PDF.
  • Treewidth. PPTX, PDF.
  • Parameterised Complexity. PPTX, PDF.
  • Shortest paths and treewidth.PPT, PDF.
Below you can find even older materials, note that some of the topics are not part of the current course.