This course requires you to hand in weekly exercises. These exercises consist or 7 or 8 exercise sets that will be posted on this page. Furthermore, the rules regarding these excercises can be found below, as well as last years exercises.

This years exercise sets and deadlines

  1. Exercise Set 1. Deadline 23:59, November 27, 2017.
  2. Exercise Set 2. Deadline 23:59, December 4, 2017.
  3. Exercise Set 3. Deadline 23:59, December 11, 2017.
  4. Exercise Set 4. Deadline 23:59, December 18, 2017.
  5. Exercise Set 5. Deadline 23:59, January 8, 2018.
  6. Exercise Set 6. Deadline 23:59, January 22, 2018.
  7. Exercise Set 7. Deadline 23:59, January 29, 2018.


You must hand in exercises at most two weeks after they have been handed out. These deadlines are mentioned on this webpage and are in general on mondays, 23.59 hours.

You must hand in your answers to the exercise sets in pairs. In the case that more than one person hands in his/her answers to the exercises alone, we will not grade any work handed in by a single person, unless the person has our explicit approval. If you do not (yet) have a partner and are unable to find one yourself, please e-mail Hans Bodlander using [AN] in the subject of your e-mail. We use grep to filter the appropriate e-mail for this course, failing the use the appropriate [AN] tag in the subject is at your own risk. Hans will match students who ask for a partner by mail at random.

In order to pass the course you must have an average of at least 6.0 for the exercises. Exercises will be graded with a number from 0 to 13 (usual at most a 10). However, grades above 10 only count if your average for all exercise grades up to 10 is at least a 6.

You must hand in the exercises on paper or by email. If you send the exercises by email, send these to H.L.Bodlaender at uu.nl, and be sure to have [AN1], [AN2], [AN3], etc. in the header; e.g., [AN1] for the first exercise set, etc. If you hand in the exercises on paper, either place them in the mailbox of Hans Bodlaender, in the Buys Ballot Gebouw, in the coffeeroom at the 5th floor, or hand them in before, during the break of, or after the lectures. We prefer that you hand them in on paper. Note: exercises emailed without the proper header may get lost and not be graded!

It is your job to hand in work that is well phrased, readible and understandable. Grades depend both on the correctness and on the quality of your writing and explanations. Your teachers can decide not to correct (parts of) work that is not readible, messy, or difficult to understand, for these parts you score no points.

Always make sure your name and student number are on your work (on paper or in the PDF - not only in the e-mail).

Joker Rule

It is a good idea to finish the exercises earlier than the deadline. Extensions of the deadline will usually not be granted, but we apply the following joker rule:

  • You may hand in at most two times, one of the exercise sets three days after the deadline. If you use this rule, clearly write on your work on in your email: Joker. Your deadline now is three days later, so in general on thursday at 23.59.
  • Work that is handed in after the extended deadline is score with a 0. If you miss a deadline for a third or later time, you also score a 0. Only in case of very special circumstances (serious illness, etc.) an exception can be made, you may ask for such an exception via the student advisor.

Working together on exercises

In contrast to previous years, you must work in pairs on the exercises. Write the names and student numbers of both students on the first sheet of your work, the resulting grade will count for both students. Realist that you must have worked together on the exercises, that it, both students must fully understand the work that has been handed in. In case a pair of students disagress on some part of the work, you may mark It is allowed to hand in a part of an exercise set together, and a part individual.

When in doubt whether you actually worked together, your teachers can give you an oral test regarding the work you handed in.

It is not necessary to work with the same parter on all exercise set. You may switch, as you prefer. Given that finding a stable pairing of students can be difficult (see the lecture on the stable roommates problem), we ask students not to switch partners often, and when doing so to let both their past and new partners know in time.

For an impression: exercise sets of last year.

You do not need and should not hand these in!
  1. Exercise 1. Deadline November 28, 2016.
  2. Exercise 2. Deadline December 5, 2016.
  3. Exercise 3. Deadline December 12, 2016. Note: this set has two hard exercises, but is doable.
  4. Exercise 4. Deadline December 19, 2016. Note: the bonus exercise that was originally in this set is cancelled (for this set.)
  5. Exercise 5. Deadline Januari 9, 2017.
  6. Exercise 6. Deadline Januari 23, 2017.
  7. Exercise 7. Deadline Januari 30, 2017.
Finally, two sets of earlier years, that can (if you want) be used for further practice.
  1. Training set A: Pdf-file.
  2. Training set 8: Pdf-file.