January 2019

Algorithms and Networks 2019 - 3th period 2018/2019

For this years course we will stop using this website for communication. The latest updates can be found on blackboard. Our blackboard pages are currently under construction. This website remains on-line for now so students can have an idea about the course contents, as it will not be much different from last year.


April 24th


The re-exam has been graded. Students have been emailed about their grades. If you want to see your work, mail Hans Bodlaender for an appointment.


February 22st

Final results calculated

I am very sorry. The final grades recently published contained a severe mistake: we had a systematic mistake in the spreadsheet computing the grades. The correct numbers come later.

Update: The correct final grades can now be found here: Final grades.


February 21st

All exercises graded

I have graded all work that has been handed in, including the jokers from exercise 7. An updated overview of your grades for the exercises can be found here: Grades.


February 16th

Date for viewing your work.

You can view your work on Tuesday, February 27, from 10 - 11 at BBG 503.


February 13th

Results second exam.

The results of the second examn are available and can be found here: Grades second examn.

Calculation of final grades will be done soon. We will later today announce the time to view your exam.


February 8th

Grades for exercise set 6 added

Exercise set 6 is graded. Grades.

Joker exercises 7 will follow later.

February 2nd

Some grades for exercise set 7 added

If you handed in your work early enough, your grade for exercise set 7 is now on-line here: Grades.

I hope you enjoyed our course.


January 20th

Grades for exercises sets 4 and 5 (jokers) added.

We just entered new grades for exercise sets 4 and 5. You can find them here: Grades.


January 16th

A note on exercise set 7.

We just found out that, for exercise set 7 questions 2 and 3, you need the theory that we will treat next week to solve them. In stead of changing the exercise set, we decided to keep the exercise set this way. You can already start with questions 1, 4 and 5.

This will be the last exercise set for this year.


January 15th

Results exercise set 5.

The results of the fifth exercise set can be found here: Grades. If your result is missing and you handed in your work on time (no joker rule), then please send me an e-mail.

Please note that the results of the fourth exercise set are on it's way.


January 10th

Date of viewing Exam 1

If you want to inspect your graded work of the first exam, you can do so at Tuesday, January 16, 9.30 - 10.15 at room 503 of the Buys Ballot Building (workroom of Hans Bodlaender).

Exercise set 7 is online

  • Exercise Set 7. Deadline 23:59, January 29, 2018.
  • January 9th
    January 8th

    Results first examn.

    The results of the first examn are available and can be found here: Grades first examn.


    December 31th

    A note on exercise set 5.

    In exercise set 5, question 3-vi, we ask for an upper bound expressed as O^*(c^n) where x is an explicit decimal number. This is a typo ofcourse, from the context I hope you understand that it should be "where c is an explicit decimal number".

    Happy (almost) new year!


    December 19th

    Results exercise set 3.

    The results of the third exercise set can be found here: Grades.


    December 13th

    Fifth exercise set

    The fifth exercise set is online. Exercise set 2 is graded; you can find the notes below.

    December 12th

    Exam time and contents.

    The examn next week is from 9:00 until 11:00 in Edu-Gamma. Note that this is earlier than our normal lecture time! There will not be any lecture from 11:00 until 13:00 on the day of the exman.

    Topics for the examn are everything in Johan's track up to the examn and everything about flows and matchings in Hans's track. That includes the first part of the lecture for next Thursday (the last lecture before the examn).

    Exercise set 5 will be placed on-line tomorrow.

    Good luck studying for the examn!


    December 5th

    Fourth exercise set on-line and first results for exercise set 1.

    The results of the first exercise set can be found here: Grades. Please note that I have only checked the exercise sets that were handed in on time (so no joker rules) in a printable format.

    I also posted the four exercise set for this year on this website. It can be found on the website under Exercises.

    Update (17:12): The exercise set has been modified. Until just now, it contained an exercise (couting numbers) that requires the inclusion/exclusion lecture. I also realise that for exercise set 3 (question 1 and bonus question), I might be helpful to consider todays lecture on dynamic programming.

    Update (17:47): All grades for exercise set 1 should be present in the list now (and updated if I forgot to check your bonus question). If your result is missing, please send me an e-mail.

    Happy Sinterklaas ;)


    November 28th

    Third exercise set on-line.

    I posted the third exercise set for this year. It can be found on the website under Exercises. The contents of the lectures has also been updated on the schedule page: I added the large scale shortest paths algorithms to the slot which used to be a T.B.A. slot.


    November 21th

    Second exercise set on-line.

    I just posted the second exercise set for this year. It can be found on the website under Exercises.

    Update: we noticed that one of the exercises required contents that was planned to be covered in the cancelled lecture of next Thursdays. Therefore, I removed the exercises again (it is a broken link now). If the link works again, that means that we updated to the correct set for this year.

    Good luck!


    November 14th

    First exercise set on-line.

    My computer problems are over. The first set of exercises can be found on the website under Exercises.


    Oktober 10th

    We started updating the website for the course for 2017-2018.

    Today, I updated the site to reflect the contents of the Algorithm and Networks cours for 2017-2018. The slides and excersices of last year are still available via the menu items Old Materials and Exercises. For the old news feed see News 2016-2017.

    We will be adding links to updated slides and exercises both before and during the course. If you want a better idea of the contents of the lectures, see last years slides. For any questions please contact us.