Sixth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge,
March 17 - 20, 1996
De Zeeuwse Stromen, Renesse, Holland

Last update: March 4, 1996.

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Sixth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge

The mission of the bi-annual TARK conferences is to bring together researchers from a wide variety of fields - including Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Economics and Game Theory, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology - in order to further our understanding of interdisciplinary issues involving formal reasoning about rationality and knowledge. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, semantic models for knowledge, for belief, and for uncertainty, bounded rationality and resource-bounded reasoning, commonsense epistemic reasoning, knowledge and action, applications of reasoning about knowledge and other mental states, and belief revision. Previously a by-invitation-only conference, TARK is now open to all interested attendees. TARK VI is the first to be held outside the United States.

TARK VI is sponsored by (in alphabetical order):

The conference is organized under the auspices of TARK Inc.

(Limited) Financial Support

For students and other people with urgent needs for financial support (having no funds for travelling or with significant travel costs), TARK may be able to provide a limited number of grants of about $200,-.

Requests may be mailed to tark@cs.ruu.nl. Probably, final decisions about appropriating support will be made not far before March 17.


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(Limited) Financial Support

Latest News

TARK VI Program

Sunday, March 17

Monday, March 18

Tuesday, March 19

Wednesday, March 20

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Invited Talks

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Organizing Committee:

Address: tark@cs.ruu.nl

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Conference location

Hotel `De Zeeuwse Stromen' is situated close to the coast of Zeeland. Zeeland is one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands and it borders Belgium and the Northsea. It is only a three minute walk from the hotel to the beach, which offers great opportunities to stroll across beautiful and serene nature. One of the main attractions of the area is the `Oosterscheldekering' (how do the Dutch control the sea?), but also the old and monumental villages Middelburg, Zierikzee and Veere are worth visiting.

The weather in March in the Netherlands is quite unpredictable: there are days with sun, but it can also be rather chilly and wet. Especially at the beach, a pull-over and a warm coat are recommendable.

The hotel has lots of facilities: a large lounge with a fireplace, a bar and a lovely winter-garden. The heated indoor-pool is provided with a terrace, a sauna and a solarium. All the rooms have a bathroom, telephone, alarm-clock, colour-t.v. and mini-bar. In the surroundings of the hotel one can find tennis- and mini-golf-courts. Finally, bikes can be rented at the reception-desk to explore the region.

Hotel `De Zeeuwse Stromen'
Duinwekken 5
Postbus 70
4325 ZG Renesse
The Netherlands

tel: +31--0111-462040
fax: +31--0111-462065
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Travelling Information

Warning: this section on travelling to the conference site is updated frequently: please do not hesitate to direct your specific questions to tark@cs.ruu.nl.

By plane

You fly to either Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Rotterdam (The Netherlands: only a small airport) or Brussels (Belgium)

From Amsterdam airport (Schiphol)

  • By private bus
    A direct bus from Schiphol airport to the conference site can be arranged. For one person, the costs are Dfl 155,-, but with four persons, it is Dfl 55,- pp. If you want to use this service, this should be reported at least seven days in advance. If you want to know more about this service, mail your expected arrival time to tark@cs.ruu.nl so that we can try and co-ordinate several persons for one bus.

    From Rotterdam airport

    From Brussels airport

    From Goes

    If we know your arrival time at Goes, a bus will be ready to take you to the hotel. This will take about 45 minutes.

    Here is more general information about trains and time tables in Holland and Germany.

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    In 1953 the southwestern part of The Netherlands was hit by a catastrophic flood. This disaster eventually led to the largest hydraulics project in history, the Delta Works.

    In Delta Expo you can see an exciting exhibition dealing with 2000 years of hydraulics, the Delta Works and the growing attention for the valuable salt-water environment.

    An experience for young and old is a stroll through the interior of the Oosterschelde flood barrier.

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    Registration form

    Please register as soon as possible, otherwise availability of hotel accommodation cannot be guaranteed. The fee for the conference includes: Hotel accomodation is available in single rooms, and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Fees are payable in Dutch Guilders (Dfl). At the moment of writing, Dfl 1 exchanges to GBP 0.40, US$ 0.64, DM 0.89, FFr 3.15, DKKr 3.49, BF 18, Yen 54, Pts 78, LIt 1040.


    Check what is appropriate:
    Leave on March 20, Dfl 750
    Leave on March 21, Dfl 875

    Fees are payable in Dutch Guilders (DFL)
    You can pay either

    Please check your payment method:

    Pays by bank transfer
    Pays by mailed cheque
    Pays at the conference

    After checking that all fields are filled in,

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    Last update: March 4, 1996