Workshop on Probabilistic Algorithms and Algorithmic Probability

May 29-30, 1996, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

This workshop constitutes one of the activities within a ``Special Year'' devoted to this topic sponsored mainly by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The aim of the workshop is to bring together scientists in probability theory, computer science, and operations research to present and discuss recent results in the field in an informal atmosphere. We hope and expect that the wide spectrum of topics presented at the workshop will prove very stimulating to a broad audience.

The workshop will be held at the ``Uithof Campus'' of Utrecht University, Faculteit Aardwetenschappen, Budapestlaan 4. How to reach the Uithof Campus and the building of "Aardwetenschappen" is described here. All registered participants will be offered lunch on both days, coffee and tea in the breaks, a drink on Wednesday evening, and an abstract booklet. We also give everyone the opportunity to join the speakers and organizers for a dinner on Wednesday evening in Utrecht at their own expense.

To register for the workshop, please send an e-mail to Karma Dajani,, before May 22, and pay NLG 30.00 to either postal giro account number 7349024, or bank account number 60 10 04 760 of the ABN-AMRO bank. Both accounts are in the name of Karma Dajani. Please do indicate if you are interested in the dinner on Wednesday May 29, or if you need any assistance in making hotel reservations.

We will most likely be able to provide financial support for accommodation for a limited number of Ph.D. students. Interested students are requested to send an application to Karma Dajani at the address given above. An application should contain a letter from the student motivating why he or she would need the support, and a letter of recommendation from the supervisor.

More information about the workshop can be obtained from Karen Aardal, or Karma Dajani.


The abstract of the presentation is obtained by clicking on the title of the talk.

Susanne Albers (Saarbr"ucken)
"Probabilistic aspects of online algorithms"

Michel Dekking (Delft)
"Refining at random"

Friedrich G"otze (Bielefeld)
"Recent developments in the area on lattice points and probability" 

Piet Groeneboom (Delft)
"EM versus iterative convex hull algorithms in inverse problems" 

Bruno Jedynak (INRIA, Roquencourt)
"20 questions and image recognition" 

Mark Jerrum (Edinburgh)
"Coupling arguments in the analysis of probabilistic algorithms" 

Wilfrid Kendall (Warwick)
"Perfect simulation for the area-interaction point process" 

Maria Serna (Barcelona)
"A genetic approach for the parallel almost-uniform generation of matchings"

John Shawe-Taylor (London)
"Computational learning theory"

Yehuda Vardi (Bells Labs Murray Hill/Rutgers, NJ)
"EM for linpos problems"

Paul Vitanyi (CWI & University of Amsterdam)
"Kolmogorov complexity and applications" 

Welcome to Utrecht!

Karen Aardal, Karma Dajani, and Richard Gill