Hotels in Utrecht

Below is a list of hotels, some of which we use to accommodate guests of the Institute.
Please note that we are not in the business of arranging hotel accommodation other than for guests of the Institute.
If you want to book a room yourself, we suggest you contact the hotels mentioned on this page directly.
A list of all Utrecht hotels, complete with prices and availability can be found at Utrecht Hotels
Some more general information on the city can be found at Utrecht info
Court Hotel

Korte Nieuwstraat 14
3512 NM Utrecht
Tel: (030) 233 00 33
E-mail: info@courthotel.nl

Nice new (2009) hotel in the city centre. Very convenient for promotions and other meetings at the "Academiegebouw", which is just around the corner.

Hotel Mitland

Arienslaan 1
3573 PT Utrecht
Tel: (030) 271 58 24
Fax: (030) 271 90 03
E-mail: info@mitland.nl

At the edge of town, in a green environment. Good acces by bus to the UU campus


Boothstraat 8
3512 BW Utrecht
Tel: (030) 2 380 380
E-mail: info@strowis.nl

Cheap but very charming accomodation at the town centre

Hotel Oorsprongpark

F C Dondersstraat 12
3572 JH Utrecht
Tel: (030) 271 63 03
Fax: (030) 271 46 19
E-mail: info@oorsprongpark.nl

Bed and Breakfast; no restaurant at the hotel

Sandra Verdonk@cs.uu.nl, 21-04-2010