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Using FTP

One annoying side-effect of challenge/response authentication schemes (or: one-time passwords) is lack of support in regular FTP client programs. In order to be able to communicate directly to the proxy-server, the user will be required to employ the quote command in the FTP client program.

For example, if you are joe and you are abroad on host and want to connect with FTP to you might employ the proxy as follows: ftp -n
Connected to

ftp> quote auth joe
331 Skey Challenge "s/key 512 gz12345":
ftp> quote response FAT FEND DEFY FUEL LENS ORE
230 User authenticated to proxy
ftp> user joe@sunshine

331-(---GATEWAY CONNECTED TO sunshine---)
331-(220 sunshine FTP server (SunOS 5.6) ready.) ready.)
331 Password required for joe.
Password: ########
230 User joe logged in.


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