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To connect to a local system on the department's network from the Internet, you must connect to the telnet-proxy on the firewall system first. In order to do so, simply telnet to the firewall system as if you wished to login to it. There will be a short pause and you will be prompted to authenticate yourself to the proxy-server. More about that and one-time passwords later.

After successful authentication, you will be prompted with a command prompt for the proxy. At the command prompt, you may specify the host you wish to connect to, by typing "connect hostname" or "c hostname". If you prefer to give an IP address instead of a host name, you may do so. Once you have entered the name of the host to connect to, the proxy will connect you to that host, and its login prompt should appear. If the system is down or is unreachable, the proxy will inform you of this fact, and you may attempt to connect to a different system or quit completely using the "quit" command.

For example, if you are joe and you are abroad on host and want to connect with TELNET to you might employ the proxy as follows: telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

Username: joe
Skey Challenge "s/key 512 gz12345": FAT FEND DEFY FUEL LENS ORE
Login Accepted
telnet-gate-> connect sunshine

Trying port 23...
SunOS 5.6

login: joe
Password: ########


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