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The network you are using is connected to the Internet, protected against abuse with a network "firewall". The firewall blocks a lot of network traffic from the Internet into the department's protected network. It, however, still permits users on the Internet to carry out certain basic operations on the internal protected network. These are:

In order to use these services from the Internet, you must first connect to a proxy server running on the firewall on the department's protected network, using either ftp or telnet. The proxy server will demand that you identify yourself (or: you say who you are) and authenticate yourself (or: you prove that you are who you say you are).

To authenticate yourself, you will need a credit-card size piece of paper, called the S/Key-card.

Don't forget to find out how to obtain your personal S/Key-card.

Refer to this if you lost your personal S/Key-card.


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