Education and Advisory Committee for Master Programmes

(Opleidings- en Advies Commissie Masterprogramma's)

Mission Statement

Within Department of Information and Computing Sciences of the Faculty of Science of Utrecht University, the ducation and Advisory Committee for Master Programmes ("Opleidings- en Advies Commissie" - OAC) aims to provide solicited and unsolicited advice regarding

  • Evaluation of courses
  • Alignment of courses within and between study programs
  • Quality of the (administrative) processes, rules and regulations that underlie the study programmes


  • the head of the department [1]
  • the "onderwijsdirecteur" [2]
  • the "opleidingsdirecteur" [3]
  • programme leaders and coordinators of the study programmes [4]
  • the "Opleidings Commissie" of the science faculty
  • individual professors

[1] Johan Jeuring
[2] Jeroen Fokker
[3] Frank van der Stappen
[4] Computing Science (Leader: Hans Bodlaender, Coordinator: Wishnu Prasetya), Game and Media Technology (Leader: Marc van Krefeld, Coordinators: Maarten Löffler and
     Roland Geraerts)



  • Deb Panja (COSC, chair)
  • Wolfgang Hürst (GMT)


  • Ruben Meuwese (COSC, vice-chair)
  • vacant (GMT)

Deb and Ruben are also members of the Education Council of the Graduate Scool of Natural Sciences.


Mail the whole group or the chair.