PROGRAM DEON 2006                             (printable pdf version)

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Wednesday July 12th 2006



invited talkRoles, Counts-as and Deontic and Action Logics by José Carmo


session 1 (Deontic Logic)

Permissions and Uncontrollable Propositions in DSDL3: Non-Monotonicity and Algorithms by Souhila Kaci and Leendert Van Der Torre

A Complete and Decidable Axiomatisation for Deontic Interpreted Systems by Alessio Lomuscio and Bozena Wozna

session 2 (Deontic Logic / Artificial Normative Systems)

Conflicting Obligations in Multi-Agent Deontic Logic by Barteld Kooi and Allard Tamminga

A Question of Trust: Assessing the Fulfillment of Commitments in Terms of Strategies by Thomas Müller


session 3 (Artificial Normative Systems)
A Logical Architecture of a Normative System by Guido Boella and Leendert van der Torre

Addressing Moral Problems through Practical Reasoning by Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon

welcome reception

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Thursday July 13th 2006

session 4 (Deontic Logic)

Propositional Quantifiers in Deontic Logic
by Gert-Jan Lokhorst

Acting with an End in Sight by Mark A. Brown


session 5 (Deontic Logic)

Don't ever do that! Long-term duties in PDeL by Jesse Hughes and Lamber Royakkers

Sequences, Obligations, and the Contrary-to-Duty Paradox by Adam Wyner

Additional talk: Justifying Actions by Accruing Arguments, by Trevor Bench-Capon and Henry Prakken (Paolo Petta's invited talk "Emotion Models for Situated Normative Systems?" had to be cancelled). 


session 6 (Artificial Normative Systems)

Counts-as: Classification or Constitution? An Answer Using Modal Logic by Davide Grossi, John-Jules Meyer and Frank Dignum

Delegation of Power in Normative Multiagent Systems by Guido Boella and Leendert Van Der Torre


workshop dinner

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Friday July 14th 2006

session 7 (Deontic Logic)

A State/event Temporal Deontic Logic by Julien Brunel, Jean-Paul Bodeveix and Mamoun Filali

Strategic Deontic Temporal Logic as a Reduction to ATL, with an Application to Chisholm's Scenario by Jan Broersen


invited talkNorms and Electronic Institutions by Frank Dignum


session 8 (Artificial Normative Systems)

On the Normative Aspect of Signalling Conventions by Andrew Jones and Steven Kimbrough

Speech Acts with Institutional Effects in Agent Societies by Robert Demolombe and Vincent Louis


session 9 (Artificial Normative Systems)

The Deontic Component of the Action Language nC+ by Marek Sergot and Robert Craven

Intermediate Concepts in Normative Systems by Lars Lindahl and Jan Odelstad
closing + farewell drinks
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