Accepted papers:Paper 3 - Anderson's Relevant Deontic Logic by Gert-Jan Lokhorst

Paper 4 - Acting with an End in Sight by Mark A. Brown

Paper 6 - Addressing Moral Problems Through Practical Reasoning-Katie Atkinson and Trevor Bench-Capon

Paper 7 - On the Normative Aspect of Signalling Conventions by Andrew Jones and Steven Kimbrough

Paper 9 - A question of trust: Assessing the fulfillment of commitments in terms of strategies by Thomas Müller

Paper 11 - Speech acts with institutional effects in agent societies by Robert Demolombe and Vincent Louis

Paper 12 - An Architecture of a Normative System by Guido Boella and Leendert Van Der Torre

Paper 13 - Don't ever do that! Long-term duties in PDeL by Jesse Hughes and Lamber Royakkers

Paper 15 - Counts-as: Classification or Constitution? An Answer Using Modal Logic-Davide Grossi, John-Jules Meyer and Frank Dignum

Paper 17 - Permissions and Uncontrollable Propositions in DSDL3: Non-Monotonicity and Algorithms by Souhila Kaci and Leendert Van Der Torre

Paper 18 - Conflicting Obligations in Multi-agent Deontic Logic by Barteld Kooi and Allard Tamminga

Paper 19 - A complete and decidable axiomatisation for deontic interpreted systems by Bozena Wozna and Alessio Lomuscio

Paper 21 - A state/event temporal deontic logic by Julien Brunel, Jean-Paul Bodeveix and Mamoun Filali

Paper 23 - Delegation of Power in Normative Multiagent Systems by Guido Boella and Leendert Van Der Torre

Paper 25 - Intermediate Concepts in Normative Systems by Lars Lindahl and Jan Odelstad

Paper 26 - Sequences, Obligations, and the Contrary-to-Duty Paradox by Adam Wyner

Paper 28 - Strategic Deontic Temporal Logic as a Reduction to ATL, with an Application to Chisholm's Scenario by Jan Broersen

Paper 29 - The deontic component of the action language normC+ by Marek Sergot and Robert Craven

Invited Speakers:
José Carmo (Madeira)
Frank Dignum (Utrecht)
Paolo Petta (Vienna)
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