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Master Program Game and Media Technology

Gaming and multimedia have taken an important place in our society, giving rise to a booming industry with turnovers exceeding the entertainment movie industry and leaps forward in computer software and hardware development. Advances show no sign of slackening, with new types of games and hardware reaching the market regularly. The value of games as an educational tool is recognized more and more, and the integration of multimedial tools into everyday life is continuing, creating fertile grounds for those with a high-level degree in Game and Media Technology.

If you are interested in the computing and information aspects of Game and Media Technology, and have a BSc or equivalent in computer science or one of the other sciences, this might be the master program for you.

The program has a length of two years, and leads to a MSc degree. Students can enroll at the start of each semester; in September or February. The program consists of courses, seminars, a colloquium and individual projects. It is internationally oriented; open to students of all countries, and all courses and materials are in English.

All faculty have a PhD in one of the relevant sciences, and are renowned scientists in their fields of expertise. Additionally, they are all formally certified for teaching at graduate levels. The program itself is one of Utrecht University's international master programmes and certified by the Dutch Ministery of Educational Affairs as a master program at the highest University level.