Oral presentation
Cognitive and Social Simulation of Criminal Behaviour: the Intermittent Explosive Disorder Case
Tibor Bosse, Charlotte Gerritsen, Jan Treur
Incorporating Emotion Regulation into Virtual Stories
Tibor Bosse, Matthijs Pontier, Ghazanfar Farooq Siddiqui, Jan Treur
Approximate Query Answering in Locally Closed Databases
Alvaro Cortés-Calabuig, Marc Denecker, Ofer Arieli, Maurice Bruynooghe
Distributed Task Allocation in Social Networks
Mathijs de Weerdt, Yingqian Zhang, Tomas Klos
A Cognitive Model for Visual Attention and its Application (Extended Abstract)
Tibor Bosse, Peter-Paul van Maanen, Jan Treur
Agent-based Analysis of Organizations: Formalization and Simulation
Virginia Dignum, Christiaan Tick
Adaptation of Organizational Models for Multi-Agent Systems based on Max Flow Networks
Mark Hoogendoorn
Towards Automatic Identification of Completeness and Consistency in Digital Dossiers
Martijn Warnier, Frances Brazier, Martin Apistola, Anja Oskamp
Visualization on a Closed Surface
Walter A. Kosters, Jeroen F. J. Laros
Adapting and Visualizing Association Rule Mining Systems for Law Enforcement Purposes
T.k. Cocx, Walter Kosters
Translation Lexicon Estimates from Non-Parallel Corpora Pairs
Markos Mylonakis, Khalil Sima'an
Coordinating Competitive Agents in Dynamic Airport Resource Scheduling
Xiaoyu Mao, Adriaan W. ter Mors, Nico Roos, Cees Witteveen
DLs with Approximate Definitions
Stefan Schlobach, Michel Klein, Linda Peelen
Distributed Appearance Based Tracking using the EM Algorithm
Thomas E. J. Mensink, Wojciech Zajdel, Ben Krose
Towards the automatic registration of histological sections into a 3D reference model
Bouke A de Boer, Jan M Ruijter, Frans PJM Voorbraak
A Formal Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Organizations
Viara Popova, Alexei Sharpanskykh
The Intuition of Dao
H. (Jeroen) H.L.M. Donkers
Superlinear Parallelization of k-Nearest Neighbor Retrieval
Antal van den Bosch, Ko van der Sloot
Learning Bayesian Networks for Inference and Completion of Regulatory Gene Networks
Abdelkader el Oufir, Frans PJM Voorbraak
Towards Dynamic Fitness Based Partitioning for IntraVascular UltraSound Image Analysis
Rui Li, Jeroen Eggermont, Michael T.M. Emmerich, Ernst G.P. Bovenkamp, Thomas Bäck, Jouke Dijkstra, Johan H.C. Reiber
Embodied modeling of the organization of the brain
Joris Janssen, Twan Goosen, Ida Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper, Pim Haselager
Texton-based Texture Classification
Laurens J.P. van der Maaten, Eric O. Postma
BACO: Bee/Ant Colony Optimization
Nyree Lemmens, Steven de Jong, Karl Tuyls, Ann Nowé
Using Expert Knowledge to Construct Error Bound State-Action Aggregations for Reinforcement Learning
Robby Goetschalckx, Jan Ramon
Semi-Supervised Methods for Handwritten Character Recognition using Active Learning
Leonidas Lefakis, Marco Wiering
Static versus Plastic Controllers in Evolutionary Robotics
Thijs van Lankveld, Guido de Croon, Karl Tuyls
Expectation Propagation for Rating Players in Sports Competitions
Adriana Birlutiu, Tom Heskes
A Comparison of Monte-Carlo Methods for Phantom Go
Joris Borsboom, Jahn-Takeshi Saito, Guillaume Chaslot, Jos W.H.M. Uiterwijk
Discovery and Integration of Organ-Failure Episodes in Mortality Prediction
Tudor Toma, Ameen Abu-Hanna, Robert-Jan Bosman
Optimal Convergence in Multi-Agent MDPs
Peter Vrancx, Katja Verbeeck, Ann Nowé
Grouping Nodes for Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Jahn-Takeshi Saito, Mark H.M. Winands, Jos W.H.M. Uiterwijk, H. Jaap Van Den Herik
An opportunist action selection mechanism which has taste
Tony Dujardin, Philippe Mathieu, Jean-Christophe Routier
The Role of Model Checking in Critiquing based on Clinical Guidelines
Perry Groot, Arjen Hommersom, Peter Lucas, Radu Serban, Annette ten Teije, Frank van Harmelen
Writer identification by means of explainable features: shapes of loop and lead-in strokes
Vivian Blankers, Ralph Niels, Louis Vuurpijl
On Phase Transitions in Learning Sparse Networks
Goele Hollanders, Geert Jan Bex, Marc Gyssens, Ronald Westra, Karl Tuyls
Inconsistencies, Negations and Changes in Ontologies
Zhisheng Huang
Modeling Visual Classification using Bottom-up and Top-down Fixation Selection
Joyca Lacroix, Eric Postma, Jaap van den Herik
Designing Bidding Strategies in Sequential Auctions for Risk Averse Agents
Valentin Robu, Han La Poutre
What You Should Believe
Guido Boella, Célia Da Costa Pereira, Gabriella Pigozzi, Andrea Tettamanzi, Leon Van Der Torre
Displaying Co-occurrences of Patterns in Streams for Website Usage Analysis
Edgar H. de Graaf, Walter A. Kosters, Joost N. Kok
Goal Selection Strategies for Rational Agents
Nick A.M. Tinnemeier, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Ch. Meyer
Temporal diagnosis of multi-agent plan execution without an explicit representation of time
Femke de Jonge, Nico Roos, Huib Aldewereld
Context-Aware Logistic Routing and Scheduling
Adriaan (A. W.) ter Mors, Jonne Zutt, Cees Witteveen
Conceptual Alignment in Human-Computer Dialogue: a Computational Approach
Robbert-Jan Beun, Rogier M. van Eijk
Modelling Animal Behaviour Based on Interpretation of Another Animal's Behaviour
Tibor Bosse, Zulfiqar A Memon, Jan Treur
Auctions with Arbitrary Deals
Tamás Máhr, Mathijs de Weerdt
Two Unique Status Semantics for Formal Argumentation: Sceptical Preferred Approximation and Sceptical Semi-Stable Approximation
Martin W.A. Caminada
Probabilistic properties of model-based diagnostic reasoning in Bayesian networks
Ildiko Flesch, Peter Lucas, Theo van der Weide
Sense-making Software for Crime Investigation: How to Combine Stories and Arguments
Floris J. Bex, Susan W. van den Braak, Herre van Oostendorp, Henry Prakken, Bart Verheij, Gerard A.W. Vreeswijk
Interleaving Simulated and Physical Environments Improves Evolution of Robot Control Structures
Twan Goosen, Rik van den Brule, Joris Janssen, Pim Haselager
Towards Programming Multimodal Dialogues
Nieske Vergunst, Bas Steunebrink, Mehdi Dastani, Frank Dignum, and John-Jules Meyer
Using Belief Revision in Intelligent Agents
Hendrik Wietze de Haan, Wim H. Hesselink, Gerard R. Renardel de Lavalette, Mark IJbema
Learning in Multi-modal Information Streams
A. K. Noulas, Ben J.A. Krose
Visual Object Representations: Comparing the NIM Model with Brain Imaging Data
Joost B.T. Wegman, Joyca P.W. Lacroix, Eric O. Postma, Jaap M.J. Murre
Using Google Distance to Weight Approximate Ontology Matches
Risto Gligorov, Zharko Aleksovski, Warner ten Kate, Frank van Harmelen
I-Logic: an Intensional Logic of Informations
Stephen Bond, Marc Denecker
Kernelization for Loop Cutset
Thomas C. van Dijk
Temporal Abstraction for Feature Extraction: A Comparative Case Study in Prediction from Intensive Care Monitoring Data
Marion Verduijn, Lucia Sacchi, Niels Peek, Riccardo Bellazzi, Evert de Jonge, Bas AJM de Mol
Clustering Trees with Instance Level Constraints
Jan Struyf, Saso Dzeroski
Inventory Management and the Impact of Anticipation in Evolutionary Stochastic Online Dynamic Optimization
Peter A.N. Bosman, Han La Poutre
Objective Fitness Correlation
Edwin de Jong
Experiment Databases: Towards an Improved Experimental Methodology in Machine Learning
Hendrik Blockeel, Joaquin Vanschoren
Analyzing Differences in Operational Disease Definitions using Ontological Modeling with an Application in Severe Sepsis
Linda Peelen, Michel C A Klein, Stefan Schlobach, Nicolette F de Keizer, Niels Peek
Poster presentation
Using Semantic Web Technology for Self-Management of Distributed Systems
Reza Haydarlou, Michel Oey, Benno Overeinder, Frances Brazier
Higher-Order Potentialities and their Reducers: A Philosophical Foundation Unifying Dynamic Modelling Methods
Tibor Bosse, Jan Treur
A Dynamical System Modelling Approach to Gross' Model of Emotion Regulation (extended abstract)
Tibor Bosse, Matthijs Pontier, Jan Treur
Specification of Adaptive Client-Tailored Product Models
Tibor Bosse, Fiemke Both, Mark Hoogendoorn, Jan Treur
An Interactive Constraint System and its Relation to Logic in AI
Susumu Yamasaki
Local Monotonicity in Probabilistic Networks
Johan H.P. Kwisthout, Hans L. Bodlaender, Gerard Tel
An Adaptive Multi-Agent Organization Model Based on Dynamic Role Allocation (extended abstract)
Mark Hoogendoorn, Jan Treur
Modeling of Agents in Organizational Context
Alexei Sharpanskykh
Text Analysis for Automatic Image Annotation
Koen Deschacht, Marie-Francine Moens
The OpenKnowledge Kernel: sharing knowledge via interaction models in a P2P network
David Dupplaw, Spyros Kotoulas, Adrian Perreau de Pinninck, Ronny Siebes
A Normative Multi-Agent Systems Approach to the Use of Conviviality for Digital Cities
Patrice Caire
Filtering Frequent Spatial Patterns with Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
Vania Bogorny, Bart Moelans, Luis Otavio Alvares
Automatic Detection of Arguments in Legal Texts
Raquel (R) Mochales, Marie-Francine (M-F) Moens
A Process for Business Process Integration - An Agent-mediated Approach
Zheng Zhao, Virginia Dignum, Frank Dignum
Legal Atlas: Access to Legal Sources through Maps
Radboud Winkels, Alexander Boer, Erik Hupkes
A Belief Framework for Modeling Cognitive Agents
Annerieke Heuvelink
An Algorithm for Learning Real-time Automata
Sicco Verwer, Mathijs De Weerdt, Cees Witteveen
Coordinating Planning Agents for Moderately and Tightly-Coupled Tasks
J. Renze Steenhuisen, Cees Witteveen
Phase-dependent Evaluation in RTS games
Sander Bakkes, Pieter Spronck, Jaap van den Herik
Transport Network Feasible Solutions in Market-based Allocation of Flow Resources
Koen Kok, Hans Akkermans
Author Identification in Chatlogs using Formal Concept Analysis
Luuk van der Knaap, Franc A. Grootjen
From Natural Language to Formal Proof Goal - Goal formalisation applied to medical guidelines
Ruud Stegers, Annette ten Teije, Frank van Harmelen
Adaptive Optimization of Hospital Resource Calendars
Ivan B Vermeulen, Sander M Bohte, Sylvia G Elkhuizen, J S Lameris, Piet J M Bakker, Han La Poutré
Unsupervised learning of graph languages using kernels
Christophe Costa Florencio
Experimental Computational Philosophy: shedding new lights on old philosophical debates
Vincent Wiegel, Jan van den Berg
Patient Data Confidentiality Issues of the Dutch Electronic Health Care Record
Perry Groot, Ferry Bruijsten, Martijn Oostdijk
Quality Assessment of Human Behavior Models
Willem. A. van Doesburg
Integrating and Querying Parallel Leaf Shape Descriptions
Shenghui Wang, Jeff Z. Pan
From Discrete-Time Models to Continuous-Time, Asynchronous Modeling of Financial Markets
Katalin Boer, Uzay Kaymak, Jaap Spiering
Attackers Misleading Normative Systems
Guido Boella, Leendert van der Torre
An OWL-Based Approach Towards Representing Time in Web Information Systems
Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar, Uzay Kaymak, Tommaso Di Noia
On Agent Prioritization in Trust Networks
Jonathan Ben-Naim, Emil Weydert
Optimal Control in Large Stochastic Multi-Agent Systems
Bart van den Broek, Wim Wiegerinck, Bert Kappen
Using Neighboring Technique for offline handwritten signature Verification
Fahad Maqbool, Saad Razzaq, Anwar M.a
Integration of Experimental Data on the DNA Transcription Process
David Pastor, Karen Lemmens, Alvaro Cortés-Calabuig, Kathleen Marchal, Marc Denecker, Bart De Moor
Process Mining with ProM
Ton Weijters, Wil van der Aalst, Boudewijn van Dongen, Christian Günther, Ronny Mans, Ana Karla Alves de Medeiros, Anne Rozinat, Minseok Song, Eric Verbeek
Fast and Reliable Coin Classification
Laurens J.P. van der Maaten, Paul J. Boon
Matlab Toolbox for Dimensionality Reduction
Laurens J.P. van der Maaten
Garp3 - Workbench for Qualitative Modelling and Simulation
Jochem Liem, Bert Bredeweg, Anders Bouwer, Floris Linnebank
WS-Agreement Based Resource Negotiation
Michel A. Oey, Reinier J. Timmer, David G.A. Mobach, Benno J. Overeinder, Frances M.T. Brazier
The Safarii Multi-Relational Data Mining Environment
Arno Knobbe
Realtime Simultaneous Tempo Tracking and Rhythm Quantization in Music
Tim van Kasteren, Ben Krose, Taylan Cemgil
An Interactive Demonstrator for Auction-Based Allocation of Loads in Transportation Logistics
Han Noot, Valentin Robu, Han La Poutre, Willem-Jan van Schijndel
BNAIC Demo: Online Speaker Detection by the iCat Robot
Bas Terwijn, Athanasios Noulas
NavCon, Navigating the Conceptual Space
Wouter Roelofs, Franc A. Grootjen
Standardization in Business Rules and New Tools Supporting these Standards
Silvie (S) Spreeuwenberg, Jeroen (J) Heijmans
Transportation Planning with Humans and Agents
Tamás Máhr, Brigit Lichtenegger
2APL: A Practical Agent Programming Language
Mehdi Dastani, Christian Mol, Nick Tinnemeier, John-Jules Meyer