List of Accepted Papers for ProMAS 2007

  1. Designing Protocols for Agent Institutions
    Huib Aldewereld, Frank Dignum and John-Jules Ch. Meyer
  2. Specifying, Verifying and Implementing a MAS: A Case Study
    Bruno Mermet, G. Simon, Bruno Zanuttini and Arnaud Saval
  3. Tracking causality by visualization of multi-agent interactions using causality graphs
    Guillermo Vigueras and Juan A. Botia
  4. A Common Semantic Basis for BDI Languages
    Louise Dennis, Rafael Bordini, Michael Fisher and Michael Wooldridge
  5. Hybrid Multiagent Systems with Timed Synchronization - Specification and Model Checking
    Ulrich Furbach, Jan Murray, Falk Schmidsberger and Frieder Stolzenburg
  6. Interoperability for Bayesian Agents in the Semantic Web
    Elder Santos, Moser Fagundes and Rosa Vicari
  7. Agents do it for Money - Accounting features in Agents
    Jan Keiser, Benjamin Hirsch and Sahin Albayrak
  8. Adding structure to agent programming languages
    Peter Novak and Juergen Dix
  9. Modules as Policy-Based Intentions: Modular Agent Programming in GOAL
    Koen Hindriks
  10. A General-purpose Programming Model and Technology for Developing Computational Environments in MAS
    Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli and Andrea Omicini
  11. A Practical Agent Programming Language
    Mehdi Dastani and John-Jules Meyer