jules To our great sadness, our former colleague
Jules Vleugels
passed away on January 23, 2011, at the age of 41.

Jules Vleugels studied Computer Science at Utrecht University from 1987 till 1992. He pursued his PhD research till 1997. His PhD thesis On fatness and fitness - Realistic input models for geometric algorithms, identifies reasonable assumptions on the shapes and distribution of the objects in a scene that admit more efficient and often simpler solutions to various geometric problems than would otherwise be possible. Jules' thesis is an accessible piece of work containing major contributions to the foundations of a direction of research that is still very active today.

After his PhD studies he became a post-doc researcher at our department for three years (1998-2001). For his research result he received the Pattern Recognition Society Award for outstanding contribution to the journal Pattern Recognition. He continued his academic career as Visiting Lecturer at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology for two years (2001-2003).

jules After his academic career, he decided to combine his passion for music with his work. He worked at audio software companies and eventually founded a company for audio tools and plugins.

We will remember Jules as a joyful colleague and friend, with a drive to get the most out of what he was doing. We will all miss the sincere and personal care that Jules showed. We wish his family and friends the strength in coming to terms with this great loss.

Prof. dr. Remco Veltkamp
Dr. ir. Frank van der Stappen
Department of Information and Computing Sciences
Utrecht University

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